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With Skybet, Sky BSB have reached their massive hands into yet another industry – although the sports betting industry seems like a good choice for the company screening the majority of major sporting events to the British public! With their financial clout, they can also afford to offer some excellent bonuses and really generous odds to anyone playing there. After all, Mr Murdoch doesn’t really care about a few extra pounds being given away here or there, as he certainly has enough of them!

While some people won’t like giving their money to this massive Murdoch empire, those that can see past this will find they reap the rewards. This is especially true for those with an interest in smaller sports, which are covered really well on this site. What’s more, many of the events being shown on Sky TV are also available to watch in the live betting suite, which makes for an even more enjoyable punt!

Website – Skybet Review
The Skybet website is crisp and clean, just like you’d expect from a corporation with the money to spend on aesthetics and usability. Having to scroll down to find the different sports that they offer is a bit of a pain though – it would be much nicer if they were listed on a menu at the top of the page. Being able to quickly click on links to the next horse races is a nice touch though, especially for those looking to have a punt on a whim and not caring about which race they pick.

As with many sites, the live betting takes up a huge amount of space on the homepage, which is really useful, especially as there is the option to narrow down the markets to a specific sport. Major sporting events also scroll across the top of the screen, providing a constant reminder to get that bet on as soon as possible. Finally, specific promotions for sporting events can easily be seen, meaning that no player will miss out on the chance to earn enhanced amounts of money!

It has to be said that, for a site the size of Skybet, the amount of unique features is very low. Sceptics might say that this is because they are trading off their name, while those with a more sympathetic outlook would say that it’s because they do the simple things almost perfectly. It would be nice to see some innovation though, to mark themselves as different from the other sites out there.

The only feature really worth mentioning is the horse racing form guide, which can be found at the bottom of the homepage. This is incredibly detailed and is a great tool for everyone, regardless of whether they are new or seasoned horse racing punters. Every single race is covered and every single horse analysed, making this one of the most comprehensive horse racing form guides anywhere online.

Bet Types
Every type of bet is covered on Skybet, from simple singles all the way through to massive accumulators. In fact, when it comes to horse racing in particular, there aren’t many sites out there that can beat the sheer number of bets and markets offered by the people over at Skybet.

More exciting though is that they also offer a lot of markets for minor sports and pastimes, such as poker, Gaelic games and MMA. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that they want to reflect the amount of different sports they show on their TV channels. There are also loads of different specials offered all the time on this site, making it an incredibly exciting place to bet.

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