Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Esports Features

There is a lot more to esports than meets the eye. It’s goes far beyond video games where players earning money for every victory. The industry has become one of the main forms of entertainment in many countries around the world. One of the reasons for that is that it brings players together worldwide, to share in a common interest. Another reason is that it taken traditional sports and video games and melded them together into something many people can’t get enough of.

eSports Boxing

A great example of this is eSports Boxing. Titles are few and far between in this genre. But fans will soon be able to play the eSports Boxing Club video game. Real life boxer’s likenesses are being used to make it look as realistic as possible. Specifically, Johnny Nelson, a boxing analyst for Sky Sports, will be seen in this game. And he’s not the only one fans will recognize. Be on the lookout for Josh Taylor, Frank Bruno, and Ricky Hatton, among others.

Those are who already familiar with boxing may recognize Ring Magazine, and WBC, which are built into the game as supporting products. Combine this with the realistic portrayal of actual boxers/former boxers, and you have a video game that brings boxing alive, which is essentially what defines esports.

Star Wars Squadron

Adding to the list of reasons why esports are so popular is that now one of the most iconic movie series ever is getting its own esports game. Star Wars Squadron is set to be every geek’s dream come true. Those that love esports and Star Wars won’t be able to get enough of this game.

As a first person multiplayer game, Squadron takes a format esports players are already familiar with and combines it with a theme pretty much everyone is familiar with. Characters are based on the ones we know from a galaxy far, far away.

The game puts two different factions against each other in a fight for victory. The home base for each faction is a ship players are deployed to. Like most similar games, this one has death match and fleet modes.


No esports game is complete without the features that make it an esports game in the first place. For titles like the upcoming FIFA 21, these features are crucial to the game’s appeal. Though nothing has been 100% confirmed yet, there are certain features that those in the industry have an expectation that the game will include. Improved upon features since the last FIFA release.

One of the anticipated improvement is to the game’s career mode feature. This was a feature many players had a problem with in the previous version of the game. Players have asked for many improvements and are waiting to see if any of them are implemented with the new release. They include transfer businesses that are more realistic, along with a way to edit the stadium, and the ability to integrate younger players with less difficulties encountered.

Each version of FIFA features new icons, something that players seem to find important. Icons that may be included in the next release of the game are Francesco Totti, Franz Beckenbauer, Oliver Kahn, and even David Beckham.

A new feature that fans are strongly hoping for is the integration of a Video Assistant Referee (VAR) into the game. Though this technology has been available since 2017, it has yet to be included in any of the released FIFA titles. Players are hoping that the inclusion of a VAR would improve the game’s aesthetics.

Career Modes In Project Cars 3

The release of Project Cars 3,  a racing game for consoles and PCs, speaks to the importance that the career mode feature plays in esports games. This is one feature that can make or break a game, depending on how well it resonates with the majority of those who play it.

Project Cars 3 reportedly includes a career model that has been revised since the game’s prior release. It will provide players with a more polished experience by offering 10 different classes of car for them to race. The option to customize their race cars improves both the performance and the aesthetics of the game in the minds of its players.

The game was created with certain modes and structures to help players who are transitioning from typical video games to those with an esports element to them. It is the features of these games that turn players onto the idea of esports over other types of entertainment. These features are what is driving the industry, by motivating players to leave their comfort zone and explore everything esports has to offer.

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