Best Single Player FPS Games of All Time to Enjoy in 2020

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FPS games are something more than just simulated aggression sources. It is the unimaginable interaction provided by these games by challenging our thoughts and reaction time, the individual stories created, forming exciting environments, and promoting better environments for humorous bonding and intense competition. Below are a handful of the most entertaining FPS games to play at the moment.

Far Cry 4

The other Far Cry series games offer tons of enjoyment, but Far Cry 4 is the latest and the greatest. It invests entirely into the big and dumb, allowing you to invade enemy territories on elephant back, hang gliding, and helicopter hangs down. Ubisoft’s most effective use of the open-world methodology extends to all of its big games. It is great fun as a shooter, but how easily it blends you with the absurdly complex and unpredictable set-piece is the justification why it is one of the finest FPS games available.


Dusk is a variation on classic FPS games, with strong Quake, Doom and Half-Life references. If you think first-person shooters lost their touch since the end of the ’90s, it is the dream game for you. Set across three campaigns, you’ll be playing with an enjoyable and often ridiculous armory — the Riveter, which is about launching rivets at your enemies. Nonetheless, it is more of a worthy successor, packed with fun, diverse levels, and a genuinely lovely little tale about horrors.


Bulletstorm is a score attack shooter that is amazingly well designed. The energy chain, the potential to kick adversaries, and the rapid player movement offer you more than enough room for making fun, dazzling combos, and creatively using your inventory. Set together under comic book writer Rick Remender, the intentionally childish script perfectly suits the over-the-top gameplay. It is now obtainable on Steam as well in an upgraded Full Clip Edition.

Titanfall 2

Despite a variety of high-value cooperative choices, single-player implementation of Titanfall 2 got regarded as a roleplaying game of kind. Various team members can pitch different suggestions about what a single Titanfall 2 concept level might appear as. The outcome brings a fascinating combination of exciting challenges to gameplay mechanics, one-off level-changing techniques, and the puzzle components.

Lovely Planet

Lovely Planet is a complex and challenging shooter where precision counts above everything, and it is all but vital to memorize the maps. At every level, you have to destroy each opponent and explore through obstacle courses of significant ecological missteps, and you get the luxury to do that across 100 levels. There is nothing on PC like Lovely Planet, courtesy to an unorthodox yet attractive graphic style.

Dishonored 2

Dishonored two is among the most original first-person games available, featuring two playable characters with a variety of different skills. Like the original, you can treat it like a stealth game, and get profoundly compensated in the end for using it. When you are terrible at hiding and get spotted running through rooftops or halls, the first-person combat is far more potent than any other interactive simulators available.

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