Grounded: The Upcoming Survival Adventure Title

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Obsidian Entertainment has always been mainly remembered for its exhilarating titles in the role-playing genre. Grounded in their newest headline, which provides a significant survival experience where your character is equal to the size of an ant and every creature in the garden wishes to hunt you down.

Below is everything you must know about Grounded before it becomes officially available

Grounded Release Date

Grounded had the initial announcement for Spring 2020, but later got delayed due to various circumstances. In recent times, on July 28, 2020, Obsidian announced Grounded will be a part of early access this summer. Nevertheless, the developer still has to reveal how long the title will remain in early access until its full release.

Over on the official Steam of Grounded, Obsidian pointed out the complexity of pinpointing a date for a title early in the procedure and states that the plan is to release Grounded sometime during 2021.

Grounded Story and Setting

The Grounded setting will be in your average residential garden, with one big player catch being small, which means items like kid toys, trees, and plant roots are huge obstacles rather than trivial objects. Small creatures like rats, cockroaches, and insects are now a major threat to your survival, and so you will have to find out how to withstand their assaults.

Grounded Gameplay and Design

Grounded will include conventional survival strategies such as firearms and protection, water and food scavenging, and building defensive bases to protect from the insect attacks. Players will have to adapt and overcome obstacles such as dense fields of tall grass and the soaring stalks of plant species, and caves formed by aggressive insects to get the supplies required to survive and prosper. Players have the luxury to play alone, but Grounded frequently encourages teamwork and cooperation with up to four players.

You will also have the option to switch between a first-person or third-person perspective. The game has a massive ecology that continues to operate even though you are not playing, meaning if you harm a specific form of an insect in one place, hunters of that species will go somewhere else to scavenge for food. Ants will be normally harmless, but the colony will dispatch soldier ants to hunt you down if you continue to kill their scouts.

Grounded Early Access Launch Features

As per Obsidian, whenever the game approaches Early Access, around 20 percent of Grounded ‘s complete campaign will be accessible. Crafting and constructing the base will function in a reduced capacity, with the first two levels of weapons and equipment. Players will explore three biomes which go by the names of grasslands, hedge, and haze. The game might feature at least ten different creatures, with an additional arachnophobia setting. When the game reaches Early Access, both single-player and competitive modes will also become available.

Grounded Release Platforms

Grounded is all set to come out on PC and Xbox One, making it the first Obsidian-exclusive Xbox since Microsoft purchased the company in 2018. It will be accessible on both Steam Early Access as well as Game Pass Ultimate. Grounded will also be a member of the Xbox Game Pass following initial availability on both Xbox One and Windows.

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