The Finest Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Mods for Enhancing Your Game Experience


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is among the greatest PC RPGs ever, and even the idea of modding it sounds like icing on a cake. On your journey through the Northern Realms, the Witcher 3 mods will provide for a much-improved playing experience and switch things up for Geralt.

Below is the list of the best mods available for The Witcher 3, revised for potential gameplay in 2020 and beyond.

All Quest Objectives on Map

Although it is pleasant the map is not messy with symbols, it can be extremely irritating struggling to recall the exact spot of herbalists. This mod continually brings every map icon to the map, including neighboring merchants and any quest goal in the journal. You can also adjust and remove any markings that deem unnecessary.

Additional Stash Locations

Although Stash is available from a few locations around the country, this installation will insert eight new stash destinations and emigrate two of the conventional stash areas to more suitable regions. It is particularly handy when using a mod of realism that adds weight to extra income.

Realistic Weather

If you are searching for a better climate experience in and around Novigrad, then be sure to grab this comparatively recent mod. It puts a strong focus on fog, but it also includes other surprises, including more snow in Skellige and improved animations of rain and wind. The overview page consists of a list of settings that can be freely modified using console instructions.

Perilous Slow-Motion Combat Mod

If you observe that specific cinematic flair appears to lack in the fight of The Witcher 3, then make sure to give this masterpiece a chance. When Geralt drops a massive hit, it slows down the activity, baffling you at how flawlessly the head of that foe flew from its shoulders. If you feel especially violent, modder KNGR has created a version that combos it with its famous More Blood mod.

Fast Travel from Anywhere 

Geralt ‘s universe already has hundreds of signs for fast travel, but often you can sometimes find yourself wasting hours coaxing Roach for the nearby countryside. This mod helps you to relocate from anywhere to any quick travel spot, much in Skyrim ‘s style. All rapid travel pathways will be canceled apart from a few that jump between regions. Unnecessary use of fast travel capabilities, however, may nullify the existing structure, which might reportedly cause problems with some of the missions.

The Improvement System

This mod renders NPC weapons accessible to Geralt through traders or forging, including Imlerith ‘s giant mace, and many others. Different schematics in workshops would require even more weapons options, and artifacts are upgradeable as well.

Photo Mode

Photo mod offers a switch function that allows you to freeze the gameplay on command, then move around your camera in 3-dimensional space to set up the perfect shot. There is also a button to become invisible, and a spawning fog and mist possibility to make your pictures extra cinematic.

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