Valorant vs. CSGO: A comparison of the two FPS titles


Valorant will be the first FPS of Riot Games. The game is scheduled for release in fall 2020, but months before its official launch, Valorant surpassed 1.6 million simultaneous views on Twitch TV on its beta release. The new FPS title from Riot Games reached 1,679,877 million viewers on the streaming platform on 7th April. Owing to its popularity, many eSports enthusiasts have labeled Valorant as the “CSGO killer”. So today we will have a look at similarities and differences between the two.

128-tick servers, low requirements, & anti-cheat

Riot has promised the gaming community Valorant will be playable for gamers from all over the globe. It has low system requirements, therefore almost everyone can play the game at 30+ frames per second. The high-end PC owners will be able to play on 60+ FPS which is quite similar to CSGO. But what makes it stand out from its FPS counterpart, is that Valorant will run on 128-tick servers. Valve has failed to provide this luxury to its CSGO community which surely offers the best competitive shooter experience.

The developers of League of Legends have also announced a top-quality anti-cheat system. Its effectiveness will be tested on the launch. Meanwhile, CS: GO’s anti-cheat system, VAC greatly struggles to deal with modern-day hackers.

Gameplay, weapons & abilities

There are some incredible gameplay similarities between Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Valorant is played in a 5v5 format where one team (spike) aims to plant a bomb or eliminate all the members of the other team (defenders). Each character in Valorant is unique and comes with its own set of abilities. Before the start of a round, there is a buying phase, where each side purchases abilities and guns. The abilities are similar to utility items in CSGO since some of them work as Molotovs, grenades, and flashbangs. But in Valorant the players can also teleport, heal and cast poison clouds. Meanwhile, the weaponry in Valorant is really similar to weapons in CSGO. The “Operator” is identical to the AWP, while “Sheriff” seems to be the young version of Desert eagle. The “Frenzy” is the SMG prodigy of CZ-75 in Counter-Strike.

The shooting mechanics of Valorant are almost identical to CSGO. Since each gun has a spray pattern that can be easily learned with practice. The accuracy of the weapon reduces while shooting and players can run faster with lower weight guns and knives.

So as we said earlier, the gameplay of CSGO and Valorant is really similar. Therefore the experienced CSGO players might have an easy time understanding Riot Games’ new FPS.


The two titles are quite identical to each other. The shooting mechanics, the format of the games and pre-round purchases, are the things that link the two games. But on the other side, the unique abilities and the characters, make Valorant similar to Overwatch. Nonetheless, the gaming community believes that Valorant is a modern-day Counter-Strike. We agree with fans right since from our perspective, Valorant is a younger, edgier brother of CSGO. We can’t wait to see how these two will shape up the competitive landscape of the eSports industry in the future.

Umer Nadeem
Umer Nadeem is an esports and gaming journalist who has been covering MOBA games and their competitive scene since 2013. He has had a passion for gaming and esports for years and hopes to use his skills and experience to convey why gaming is so great.