What is going to happen to the LOL World 2020?


Riot Games had big plans for the League of Legends World Championship 2020, but due to the ongoing World Crisis, all the arrangements for the six-city event in China were halted. And now, we finally have an update that Riot Games is going to hold the tournament following the example of other major sports leagues like NBA, etc.

Riot seems to be making arrangements to follow the bubble format, which is a set of protocols that the players will have to follow throughout the event. And, keeping up with the warnings, they also have reduced the megalith six-city plan for the 10th anniversary to just one city event now.

The safety system here will limit the participant’s contact with the outside. They are said to bring the 24 qualified teams to Shanghai China weeks before the starting date of the tournament and will be quarantining them in a single hotel in preparation for the event. And then, after all these preparations, they will compete with each other for the title through a centralized location.

What are the expected dates of LoL World 2020?

League of Legends World Championship 2020 is expected to take place in China around the fourth quarter of this year. Even though Riot had big plans, and in World 2019, they even went as far as to say that Words 2020 was going to be the biggest LoL event ever, but due to unprecedented circumstances, the tournament will be held at a much lower scale than previously anticipated.

The Championship will still be taking at the Shanghai Stadium, and of course, proper precautions will be taken by the Chinese government and Riot Games to make the tournament as safe as possible.

But, despite these new plans, Riot has not given up on its colossal anniversary project.

How will Riot proceed with the six-city plan?

Riot Games seems to have delayed their anniversary plans till 2021. China is set to receive the League of Legends World Championship 2021 as well because of that, and it is expected to feature all of Riot’s initial ideas for the 2020 championship.

And North America, which was originally supposed to hold the 2021 championship, has now been pushed further down the line. North America will now be holding the 2022 edition of the tournament.

Although The Chinese government canceled all tournaments that were to be held in China in 2020, the League World championship 2020 does not seem to be affected by this announcement.

League World Championship is a huge deal in China, and in 2017, it brought 45,000 supporters to the Beijing National Stadium, also known as the Bird’s Nest. Which was then filled to the brim, and it was reported that when the even started, outside the stadium, dealers were selling extra ticked for an upward of 1000$.

This year at Shanghai Stadium, Riot seems to want to break that record with 56,000 participants and set an unprecedented example of how big E-Sports can be.

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