What Practices Can Get You Banned In Call of Duty: Warzone

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Call of Duty: Warzone is a Battle Royale available for download on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, with the possibility of crossplay between platforms. The game launched in March 2020 and reached 50 million players in just one month. As a competitive online game, Warzone has a set of rules to keep the environment healthy and fair. Those who fail to comply with one of the regulations in the Security Policy may get suspended, and in more serious cases, even get banned permanently. Here are some practices that should never be carried out in Warzone.

Hacks and mods

A player will be subject to a penalty if he uses third party programs (hacks and mods) to gain undue advantage and manipulate statistics or game data. These programs include aimbots, wallhacks, trainers, stats hacks, textures and leaderboards, or any software that purposely modifies game data.

Punishment: suspension of the game, reset of statistics, badges, and weapon customization. Block that prevents you from appearing on the leaderboard.

On consoles: the player will still be reported to the manufacturer of their respective console.

On PC: the player will be reported to the Battle.net security team.

Toxic behaviour

Players must not use any type of offensive language. Cyberbullying and other forms of harassment are considered extreme cases, which result in severe punishment. In the first offense, the player is temporarily suspended. In case of a repeat offense, the player will be suspended again. His privileges within the game will also be revoked. In extreme or repeated cases, the player is banned, his badges, statistics and weapon customizations are reset. He is still blocked from appearing on the leaderboard.

Glitches and boosting

Abusing glitches is prohibited. An example would be to use a part of the map to intentionally go beyond its limits. Boosting is also prohibited, when two or more players come together to explore the game to gain XP, prestige, score, weapon level or abusively unlock.

In such cases, the user is temporarily banned, and their data is reset. If your name has ever appeared on the leaderboard, it will be deleted. In the case of a glitch violation, the player will be prevented from playing with a split-screen. In extreme or repeated cases, the player will be banned, the data will be reset and will be blocked from appearing in the leaderboard.


It is also prohibited to acquire any content from Warzone illegally or through external means, except gifts, social networks, customer service, and/or promotional events. In the case of piracy, the player will be banned, the data will be reset and will be blocked in the leaderboard. It will also be reported to the console manufacturer or to the Battle.net team. For content obtained outside the game, there will be a temporary suspension of the use of the inventory system and a complete reset of the inventory. In extreme cases, the suspension of the inventory may be final.

The user will also be reported to the manufacturer of their console, or to the Battle.net team (considering the platform where the infringement occurred).

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