Clash Royale


There aren’t too many multiplayer games these days that include collectible cards, but Clash Royale is one of them. Collectible card games were popular for awhile and Clash Royale combines the best of the two gaming worlds. It’s still about strategy, though it has the added challenge of being played in real time.

This game might give you a sense of deja vu if you are familiar with Clash of Clans. The same characters are used in both games. So if you are a fan of Clash of Clans, Clash Royale may be your next obsession.

How To Play

The game is divided into rounds, much like many other multiplayer games.Each round starts with choosing a selection of eight cards. These cards are meant to help you overcome the rivals you will encounter on your quest to win.

Also like other multiplayer games, this one includes a large selection of characters with their own distinct features. Each one has certain skills that can help you. Your adventure begins by choosing the right combatants to help you in battling the enemies.

To successfully complete the game, you’ll have to build your own battle units. They won’t be effective unless they include the best buildings, tanks, and spells. Your enemies each have their own towers. Your goal is to take those towers down while making sure yours is still standing. In total you have three minutes to destroy three enemy towers. Destroying towers leaves you with crowns.In order to destroy them you need to use your chosen cards to coordinate special attacks and find the right combination of spells.

Ultimately, you need to gather as many crowns as you possibly can. The fastest way to do this is to target the Princess and King towers, because they each contain more than one crown.

A Look At The Rise Of Clash Royale

Though Clash Royale didn’t come out until 2014, in its short history it has already seen some significant changes thanks to feedback from many of its players.While some cards, like the Freeze Spell, were popular with players, others caused problems for them. Most notably, the X-Bow. This card was too reactive for new players to be able to handle. With a three second deploy and excessive hit points, the card was later revamped. Its new version included fewer hit points. Players were also unhappy that it originally had a range of 13 tiles that this was changed too. Afterwards X-Bow was only able to target the ground units.

Players also originally complained that defending their buildings was not challenging enough. So defensive building lifespans were drastically lowered. This was the only way to speed up the game and avoid as many draws as players had initially been finding themselves in.

Of all the defensive buildings in the game, the strongest one was the Tombstone. Though it originally gave players six skeletons for destroying it, this was later downgraded to only four.

Soon after, players caught onto a particular strategy that ultimately backfired. Crown towers suffered an enormous amount of damage at the hands of the Fireball, and Rocket spell cards. This led to a significant number of players abandoning any offense strategy, figuring they wouldn’t need it. The problem is, this began to bother other players. As a result, the game was updated so that Crown Towers took less of a hit when Rocket and Fireball spell cards were used.

The game quickly became so popular that its current roster of cards just wasn’t enough. Before you know it, six more were added. However, one of those six cards, the Royal Giant, was quickly shot down by players who were unhappy with it. While the card remained in the game, changes were made to it. Its damage was increased by 20%, but this still wasn’t enough to put the card in players’ good graces. So his tile range was increased by one. This put it out of the range of some of the game’s largest buildings, with the most noted example of this being the Inferno Tower. Finally, players were more open to using the card and less likely to shun it.

Gradually, the Royal Giant was one that some players warmed up to, because it helped them level up the character in no time. All of a sudden, players knew that fighting the Royal Giant card would be an uphill battle.

Tournament Game Mode And New Decks

When the game’s Custom Tournament was added players had something new to look forward to. Any player can create their own, using as many as 200,000 gems. The top performing player in the tournament would walk away with 15,000 collectors cards. Shortly after the tournament mode was added, so was a new deck of collectors cards. Players reported that these cards didn’t even have any weaknesses.

Clash Royale Offline Tournament

Clash Royale became so popular that in April of 2016 it was played at The Helsinki Tournament, in Finland. More than 200 of the game’s top players participated in the event. Using a strategy few other players had thought of yet, an unidentified man known only as Jason won the tournament. Thanks to his win, players considered The Giant among the top cards in the game. He also brought a decent amount of attention to the Elixir Collection.

Clash Royale Tips

By following a few tips, you can be a successful Clash Royale player too. One of the most important to keep in mind is that you often gain the advantage if you let the other player go first.

Once you get used to it, being able to count cards will also be a huge help. You don’t need to count every card. Just enough to give you that all important advantage in the game.

With some practice, you can become a top Clash Royale player.

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