Death Stranding


The cargo-delivery title Death Stranding from Kojima Productions is arriving at PC this summer. Knowing what series director Hideo Kojima is doing outside of Konami and Metal Gear Solid is fascinating. It earned him popularity and made fans interested enough to know more about him. The unexpected answer turns out to be a game about trying to reconnect the post-apocalyptic world with the help of packages and jar babies.

Below is all you need to know about Death Stranding before it officially becomes available on PC.

Death Stranding PC Release Date

Death Stranding will be heading to the PC on both Steam and the Epic Games Store on July 14, 2020. The original release for the period for the title was during June 2020. It got put back a month because of the coronavirus outbreak, similar to numerous other releases of this year.

What Exactly is Death Stranding?

It goes by the name of BB or Baby Bridge. To be exact, a child got taken from the still mothers in the United States of America’s provincial capital. The critical aspect here is that BBs behave as a radar and link porters through the Odradek to the land of the dead, allowing them to detect BTs.

The baby needs to be synchronized with an incubator that uploads the information of the womb of its mother every so often. If Sam ends up taking a nasty crash, your BB might also get distraught, and in that case, you can help relieve him by slowly and carefully rocking the controller.

What About the Jar Baby in Death Stranding?

It goes by the name of BB or Bridge Baby. To be precise, a baby that got taken from the still-mothers located in the capital city of the United Cities of America. The important thing here is that BBs act as a radar and connect porters to the world of the dead, giving them to sense BTs through the Odradek.

Periodically the baby needs to be synchronized with an incubator that updates the data of its mother’s womb. Your BB can also get distressed if Sam takes a bad fall, at which point you can soothe him by gently rocking the controller.

Death Stranding Particular PC Features

Several more elements got officially confirmed by Kojima Productions, including the introduction of new photo mode and high frame rate. If the Death Stranding PC port is indeed up to standard, it will have more choices for visuals, better-looking textures, and a fully accessible framerate. The game is exceptionally stunning, and there is a huge visual potential of it on the PC.

Death Stranding Sequel Will Not be a Direct Follow-up

Kojima stated in an interview that Death Stranding’s potential sequel would possibly not be a straightforward follow-up. If Kojima Productions were to commence production on a sequel, it would have to start from zero, with a fresh set of characters, portraying a different tale. However, Kojima said the intention is to collaborate yet another time with Norman Reedus.

Speculating about what this truly entails for a continuation is interesting, but it seems like Kojima himself is just about as uncertain about what direction it will entail.

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