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Whether you are a gamer or not, there is no doubt you’ve heard of Grand Theft Auto, and most likely by now you will have heard of the online counterpart too, Grand Theft Auto Online. As one of the most successful video games of all time, it is impossible not to at least be somewhat familiar with it.

If you need more details, just know that there is an online version of Grand Theft Auto, and it’s epic. It takes all the fun of GTA 5 and turns it into a multiplayer experience. The main catch is that you can’t play the online version of the game unless you already have GTA 5.

One thing that might take some getting used to is that GTA online can only be played with a maximum of 30 people per gaming session. This makes it tough to get into a game because millions of people all over the world usually want in at any given time. The demand for this game is unprecedented.

Grand theft Auto Online
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With almost one dozen modes to play in, you won’t grow tired of it quickly, if at all. Combine this with the endless amounts of fan-made content available and you really can’t go wrong.

Where To Play/Watch Grand Theft Auto Online

The number one place to find players streaming this game is Twitch. They use it to take the characters they created and play them as if they were real, living human beings. Many GTA players live their character’s life in Los Santos, even giving them careers. It’s easy to slip into the life of a police officer, or embrace the other side and live a virtual life as a criminal. Depending on the job you choose for your character, there are times when the in-game

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salary for that job may be doubled or even tripled. Playing on Twitch also sometimes gets you a cash bonus, rebates, or a discount on an in-game purchase.

Twitch isn’t even your only option for playing or watching the game. When you play or watch on Steam, there is just as much to look forward to. GTA is updated every week, and updates are always applied to GTA Online at the same time.

GTA To Do List

There is so much more to do in GTA than meets the eye. Aside from being able to assume the life of a persona you’ve created, you can also task yourself with completing daily missions. The more you accomplish, the more bonuses you get. More often than not, this will net you a huge cash prize. Other times, finishing a mission could get your rewards points doubled.

In the past, prizes awarded for completing missions has included double game points. You can earn these points, and other prizes, by completing freemode events and even operations missions when you play the game on any compatible mobile device. Some weeks you can get freebies just for logging into your GTA online account. Many times, this gets you new clothing you can dress your character with.

Sharing Your GTA Online Game

GTA isn’t as much fun if you play it in isolation as it is if you let interested viewers see what you are doing. Thanks to Rockstar Editor, which you can get for the PC version of GTA 5, you can easily share your game with people all over the world.

When you play on your PC or online, Editor gives you the ability to record, edit and broadcast your own personal GTA 5 game. You have total freedom to create characters and act out scenarios you want to put them in. The camera and editing effects you have at your disposal give you total creative control of your game. You can even add in music and sound effects when you use the radio stations built into the game.

Once you have something worth sharing, all you have to do is upload your video to YouTube. Many professional gamers have gotten their start in the industry this way.

Profiting In GTA Online

Few people can resist doing something they love when they can make a profit from it. For many, GTA Online has been the answer to their prayers. While you won’t earn a real income, it can be easy to beef up the amount of in-game currency you have.

GTA Online gives you a bunch of fun options for gaining the money you need to purchase items that can ultimately help you beat out the competition. Yes, you can use your real money to fund your GTA account, but why would you? Isn’t it better to save your real life money and spend your time in GTA hustling?

To explore your darker side, consider earning money in the game by running heists. This tends to work best when you have a teammate with an apartment in a high-rise building. It also helps when everyone on the team has the necessary skills to efficiently compete each mission.

Vehicle and special cargo is another way to make decent bank in GTA Online. This is usually your best option if you aren’t playing in a team. You can squeeze this in between other jobs to maximize your profit.

A motorcycle club is an excellent choice if you thrive on multitasking. This can be an effective way to earn a passive income. Just make sure to keep track of the activity within the club. If you are playing the game alone you will want to sell off your stock frequently. Otherwise, you won’t be able to run it by yourself.

Earning money in the game is as easy as it is fun. You can even hold jobs you may never consider in real life, like nightclub manager. Or you can push the envelope and focus on dealing arms to your fellow players. Either way, earning money into GTA Online is always more interesting than what you’d do to earn it in real life.

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