Overview of the Upcoming Wasteland 3


An isometric, squad-based RPG, Wasteland 3 has a ton to measure up to its fans’ standards and a $3 million crowdfunding project in 2016 that gave developers much more resources to create an in-depth, system-driven RPG. It most definitely looks more polished than Wasteland 2 so far. For now, let us see what we can likely expect from Wasteland 3 upon official release.

Release Date of Wasteland 3

Most certainly, Wasteland 3 will be coming out on August 28, 2020, even though it got postponed several times, initially anticipated in 2019, and then again in May 2020. The 2019 original launch window was indeed a tad too idealistic for inXile. That says it has only been capable of hitting a spring release due to the introduction of more workforce and help from Microsoft.

Storyline Premise

As the story continues after the Wasteland 2 incidents, through the choices you make, you must develop your credibility, allying with various forces, and discovering the mysterious land while protecting or destroying areas. Moreover, a Yeah, and inXile mentioned that one of Wasteland 2’s Rangers is returning, but they are not revealing as to who it is now.

Expectations from the Game Setting

Expect a massive world with two big hubs. The first one, Colorado Springs town, will be Wasteland 3 world’s biggest destination. The second one is the Ranger Base, which will operate as a quest hub. The base will be vacant at the beginning of the game, and you will need to hire new Rangers from the native population.

Multiple Wasteland 3 locations got influenced by real-life places—for instance, one location bases on the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado.

Wasteland 3 Multiplayer Campaign

Wasteland 3 will impose multiplayer for the first time in franchise history, and you should be able to perform in two-player co-op through the main storyline. There will be a limited number of breakpoints in the story, which will prompt only when both players are present in the game.

Each player will be controlling their Rangers squad, and you may exchange personnel. Both players can discover and assume quests together, or set off with their team in multiple directions. When you split up, the other party will have an effect on your decisions and outcomes.

Working of Vehicles

For the very first time in franchise history, Wasteland 3 unveils vehicles that players can drive them around the world and store equipment. Apart from seeking cover behind them, during the battle, their mounted weapon can also prove beneficial. You can also customize vehicles with items that are available all across the wilderness.

Combat sequence in Wasteland 3

The fighting will be mainly the same as in Wasteland 2, where, throughout your move, you invest action points guiding your group to take shelter or strike the opponent. The significant addition to Wasteland 3 is team-focused capabilities that offer tactical awareness to Rangers that influence the entire group or undermine all your adversaries. With a “Down-But-Not-Out” scheme, Wasteland 3 will also allow a few characters to evade from near-death scenarios.

What to expect from the gameplay, and what features can make the game more thrilling? Please share your ideas with us.

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