Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds


Most of today’s hottest esports games are produced by software companies. But gamers are so passionate about what they do that they’ve begun to take matters into their own hands.

One example of this is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). The man behind the name is Brendan Greene. Working closely with developers, he created ARMAs battle royale mode. Done in the same style, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is among the most original first person shooter games in esports. 100 players compete to survive. They have to successfully stockpile the supplies needed to wipeout their opponents.

Whether you prefer to play on your PC or an Android device, PUBG has you covered. Though if the best possible graphics are important to you, PC should always be the platform you prefer. But for you Nintendo junkies, PUBG is also compatible with Xbox One.

A Battle To The Top

Winning PUBG is not easy work. Conquering the enemy may sound easy at first, but consider that in order to win the battle, you must make 64 kills. You’ll have a lot of terrain to cover, making this game reminiscent of Fortnite.

In the meantime, PUBG requires you to be a destructive as you can be. This is made a lot easier when you choose to upgrade the weapons you have in your arsenal. As long as you are skilled at hiding from the enemy, PUBG is one game that won’t defeat you.

Fight Alone Or In Groups

Depending on your strategy you may choose to navigate the game as a single player or a party of two. But to really hit the enemy where it hurts, sometimes you need to work in teams with other players. PUBG teams are limited to four for each.

A Walk-Through of Player Unknown’s Battleground

You start your journey by being dumped from a plane in a randomly chosen location. With so many different possibilities you will never land the same place twice. Once you’ve been dropped into a particular location it becomes decision time. Will you loot the enemy or hide from them? Your choice ultimately determines how the game unfolds for you.

One of the things you will notice, that, makes PUBG stand out in the crowd, is that nowhere in the game will you find bots used. The game is nothing if not unpredictable, no matter how many similar games you have played. You could be winning a battle one minute, and the next minute find yourself face-to-face with a sniper.

This means you have to have a different strategy each time you start a new game. Not only is the map randomly generated,so is the loot strategically placed throughout the numerous regions covered.

Part of your strategy has to be deciding which weapons to use when. PUBG limits you to only two at a time, so it’s crucial to choose wisely. While you will already have a sidearm and grenade, the other two weapons you choose will probably vary from one game to the next.

You have a decent amount of options when it comes to firepower and the equipment you can actually wear. On a regular basis, new weapons are added to the game, so you never know what you will have to choose from. Different situations call for different weapons and it’s up to you to determine which ones will benefit you the most, and when.

When you need some downtime, you can get it pretty easily. There are plenty of decent hiding places to find. Finding one of them gives you a break from having to battle your opponents. Some of these places are as innocuous as the living room of a random house.

But there is a catch.

Temporarily, hide if you need to. But expect to catch some flack for doing so. Many people in the gaming community frown on this, so it’s up to you if you want to go there or not. Be prepared for other players to send you a barrage of messages challenging you to come out of hiding and face them. If you really don’t want to hear from them, you can always disable the game’s chat feature.

Is Player Unknown’s Battleground Suited To You?

There are other esports games that require a lot more strategy than PUBG. But you could make the argument that this game is more addictive than many others. This may be the reason why so many esports gamers choose to stream PUBG as they navigate their way through it.

For spectators and players, the best part of PUBG is that every time they watch it or navigate their way through it, the story is different. But all the stories include all the action you would expect from a battle royale game.

And while the stories are different, the time it takes to play one round remains consistent at just under a full 30 minutes. Once you have successfully fought through each individual round, you get the amount of currency you earned.

There are a few factors that determine how much in-game currency you win. One of them is how much damage you were able to do to each of your opponents. Total number of men destroyed also plays a part in it. Last but not least, the amount of time your opponents were able to remain alive and well in the game makes a difference.

The in-game-currency you receive can then be used to purchase individual items and/or crates. The items you purchase will ultimately help dictate the final turnout of your game.

If you ask most fans of PUBG they will tell you that they played through the game more than once. This is especially helpful if you plan to parlay your playing time into a paid career as a professional esports gamer. There is no doubt that PUBG is on the rise.

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