World of Warcraft


There are few games that are as well known as World of Warcraft. Even if you are one of the rare few who has never played video games, chances are pretty good that you are well aware of what World of Warcraft is. Of all the games in e-sports, this one may be the most popular multiplayer online role playing game, otherwise known as MMORGP.

A Guide To World of Warcraft

If you haven’t actually plated World of Warcraft before, you have so much to learn. The best way to get started is to use the game tutorial. Without it, you may find yourself lost and confused in a world you don’t know your way around. The complex world you will find yourself in has evolved over the years. The original version, released in 2006, laid the groundwork for the game players know today. Countless versions have been released since then.

Choosing Race And Class

Regardless if you choose the classic or modern version of the game, it all starts with creating your character. By choosing the race and class of the character you want to play as, you are well on your way to starting what will probably be an unforgettable journey. This is one of the most important moves you can make in the game.

The unique skills your character possesses relies on the race that you choose. That being said, it pays to take the time to make your decision carefully. The race you choose also determines what special bonuses you get access to. Certain bonuses will help you with certain professions.

In total you have 12 classes to choose from. Classes have at least two specializations but no more than four. These are the things you need to take into consideration when making these initial decisions. Also note that if you want to play the game with friends, you need to agree on which faction you want. Certain races are part of certain factions so if you choose wrong you will never be able to connect with your friends in the game.

The original, classic version players were first introduced to was slower, but at the same time, a lot more hardcore than it is today. That being said, either way you should find the game satisfyingly addictive.

The Journey Begins

It all starts with your placement into a zone, which is determined based on your race. As you move through the game you will talk to countless others. Each person you talk to will tell you about a specific quest that you can embark on. For every quest you complete you will gain more experience points. It is extremely important to carefully read the text for each one.

The story of World of Warcraft is very complex. But by reading each text in full you will get a much better understanding of the world the game is set in. You will be more aware of the reasons behind doing what you are doing throughout the course of the game. It will tell you why you need to find certain items and people.

The Progression Of The Journey

The zone you start in is generally completed by the time you reach the 10th level in World of Warcraft. You are then introduced to new zones. They each have their own ranges and your character will be put into the range that corresponds to your level in the game. Monsters and quests are tailored to each level, so you will never get more than you can handle.

No matter which zone you choose to continue your journey in, it comes with its own unique story. You can reach the maximum level in the game no matter which zones you play when.

How To Play World Of Warcraft With Others

Though there is no reason why you can’t play Wold of Warcraft alone, most players would urge you to avoid this. The nature of the game makes it easy to play with others.

If you already have a group of friends to play with, you’re in luck. But even if you don’t, don’t let that stop you. There are some easy ways to make friends in this game. The in-game chat feature lets you type messages to other players in real time.

Another indirect way to talk to other players is through the Trade chat. While this is meant to be used for swapping services and items it can turn into a social exchange too. Just don’t prevent other players from doing what they are there to do.

Yet, it might be better to use the Communities feature of the game. These are built in groups that members of the community create when they have some common interest, whether it is within the game’s world or not. If the communities feature doesn’t feel right to you, there is always the option to join  a guild. There are resources online you can use to find one, or you can instead start your own.

World of Warcraft Expansion Packs

No one can deny that World of Warcraft has been massively successful. So much so in fact, that there are tons of expansion available, with more released on a regular basis.

Three years after the game was released came The Burning Crusade expansion. Highlights include two new races and a world completely different from what players were used to. Its endgame was enough to keep die hard players coming back for more and more.

Next came the Wrath of the Lich King expansion. It made such an impression on players, and the industry as a whole, that it is now the benchmark for every online role playing game that has come after World of Warcraft.

The Mists of Pandaria expansion was a blessing to some players and a burden to others. There are players that claim the game’s popularity started to dwindle because of this expansion.

Since then, there have been many more. World of Warcraft is a force to be reckoned with. It is one of the top games, if not the top, in the esports industry.

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