Slot Game Auto Play


If you’re new to the auto play as a feature in slot games, all you need to know is that it spins the reels for you instead of requiring you to perform the onerous task of pushing the button yourself. With basic auto-plays you can usually pre-set the values to between five and 100 spins, but some games let you go much higher (the highest we’ve seen was 1000).

The auto-spin button is very useful if you have a large amount of money to spend or if you’re looking to take advantage of a particular feature, such as a bonus round. With some games a window will appear when your automatic spins have been completed – other games will just stop when they are finished.

Tread carefully with auto-play and keep an eye on how much money you’re spending. Some games have more advanced auto-play features, which we’ll get to later, but some will just keep spinning and eating up your bank balance if you’re not paying attention. Don’t set up auto-play and walk away from the game, that’s just a recipe for bankruptcy.

Some auto-play features will allow for customisation beyond a pre-set number of spins. You can usually still set an amount of spins to complete, but you can also tell the game when to stop – if you win a certain amount of money, if you lose a certain amount of money, if a bonus feature is reached, or if you win on an active pay-line.

These features will vary from game to game. Be sure to review your options carefully and remember that these don’t exist to make your game complicated and boring, they’re there to help.

Bet Max Feature

Okay, so it’s not directly linked to auto play – but it’s still a useful feature to explain.

A ‘Bet Max’ feature can sometimes be found in online slot games, allowing you to spin the reels with the maximum amount of pay-lines open and with the highest bet available on each line. Essentially, you go for broke. If you’ve been playing with fairly low bets, this is a good way to change up.
Of course, there is no set time at which it is definitely beneficial to use the bet max feature, but it can add excitement to your game when you’re feeling lucky and fancy shooting for a massive pay-out. We recommend it when you’ve had a few good wins and think luck might just be on your side. Of course, we also recommend that you stay on top of your bank balance, so use this feature wisely…

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