Understanding your bet


One of the most important things to consider when playing any slot game is how much you’re betting and what exactly you’re betting on. This will differ depending on how the game in question operates it bets, but it will always involve one of two systems:

Overall Bet

This is a system where you will be betting single amount upfront, rather than a handful of smaller bets that collectively total a larger one. This system is implemented in slot games that don’t have pay-lines and instead have fixed number of ways to win. Usually, these games will pay out when you get three or more identical symbols on consecutive reels. Some games (such as Bejeweled) function differently from other slot games and may not have ‘reels’ in the traditional sense. In general, such games only allow an overall bet.

Here are some examples of slot games that use an Overall Bet system:

  • Bejewlled
  • Da Vinci’s Diamonds
  • Garden Party
Payline Bet

This is the standard system used in slot games for placing bets. Any slot game that uses this system will have pay-lines which determine whether or not you’ve won. Every slot game will tell you how many paylines it has and sometimes provide further information in their pay-tables, so it’s worth checking. With this system, you’re betting a smaller amount on each pay-line, adding up to your overall bet. You can activate and de-activate these pay-lines individually, and also change how much you want to bet on each one; this means that you retain control over your bet.

Here are some examples of slot games that use an Overall Bet system:

  • Cats
  • Monopoly
  • The Incredible Hulk
The Significance of Coins

In some slot games, your balance will be directly translated into the slot game. This means you know exactly what you’re going in with and what you’re leaving with. However, some slot games will instead convert your balance into coins. Your total number of coins may or may not be the same as your account balance. Every slot game has its own conversion rate and some games provide a conversion guide for reference. For obvious reasons, you need to look this over.

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