What are slot game Paytables?


The paytable is one of the most important parts of an online slot game, but it is typically not visible during play, so check it beforehand. The paytable will usually show you all of the symbols on the game’s reels and state the number of matching symbols you need to win. For some games, you must get matching symbols across a pay-line, for others you need to get them on a particular combination of reels.

If you need three or more symbols to win then you might see something like this:

The numbers following three, four and five show you how many credits you will win if you land the corresponding number of symbols on an active pay-line. In most cases the symbols will be listed in ascending order of lowest to highest pay-out, although the layout of pay-tables can vary.

Slot Game Information

If your slot game has a bonus feature, you should be able to find some information about it in the pay-table section.

However, it might be that there are unlockable features in the bonus rounds, in which case you might not find all of the information you need – this is where you should refer to our in-depth guides.

The pay-table may also contain extra information about the slot game, such as a back story if the game has a developed theme (as with movie tie-ins for example). In some cases this consists of mostly superfluous information that you won’t need in order to play any part of the game. However, you may want to read it anyway and immerse yourself in the game’s narrative. We do like it when slot games go the extra mile to make you feel really involved.

The main purpose of a paytable is to serve as a mini-guide for the slot game you’re playing. Most information that you’ll need for a slot game can be found within its pay-table. Further information that isn’t necessary to play the slot game but might still be useful can be found within more in-depth slot guides.

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