Winning slot strategy


Like all casino games, slots give the house an edge, so there’s no proven way to game online slots. Your goal is to hit as many winning combinations as you can on your way to hitting that big slots jackpot, and in order to do this, you want to make your bankroll last as long as possible.

By managing your bankroll proficiently you’ll not only have more chances to win, you’ll have more fun, and when your luck does roll in, you’ll be at an advantage.

Tips for managing bankroll

Set aside profits – when luck’s on your side and you hit that winning streak, it can be all too tempting to keep on playing through your winnings. Always set aside a portion of your winnings, and you’ll build up your bankroll to see you through the losing streaks.

Split your bankroll – rather than taking your whole bankroll into the slot game with you, where you could be tempted to play through the whole amount, split your bankroll between sessions instead.

Step your wagers – make your bankroll go further by adjusting your wagers so that when you win a spin, you increase your next wager by a coin, if you lose, decrease your next wager by a coin on your next pull.

Set a loss limit – not every night at the slots will be your lucky night. To protect your bankroll, always set a loss limit, and if the reels aren’t spinning in your favour, walk away when you hit this limit.

Note the slot game payout rates

All good online casinos publish their payout percentages.

The payout percentage of a slot tells you what percentage of the money played through it will be returned to the players in the long run. The higher the percentage the better, as you want a slot that pays back as much as possible over the long term. Online slots typically range from 96% to 98.5%, but it’s important to remember that these numbers represent the payout percentage across the total lifespan of that particular game.

Payout rates are your key to finding the slots that offer the best returns, and every slot has to publish its payout rate in the game guide. When you’re looking to spin those reels to win big, the published payout rates should be your first port of call. Check out our Knowledge Bank for more on understanding payout percentages.

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