Astralis v Heroic – CSGO DreamHack Masters

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Game 1: Map Train

Astralis started game 1 with a comprehensive victory by killing all players of Heroic in the pistol round and continued to deliver the best shots in several rounds to follow after. Astralis was looking extremely impressive in the first half of the game and build up a hefty lead by the collective performance put forth by each player.

Despite several opportunities, Heroic was unable to outplay the Astralis players and lost several rounds in quick succession. Among the few rounds won in the first half, the highlight performance came from cadiaN as he not only won a 2v1 scenario but stopped the Astralis player from diffusing the bomb with less and one second to spare.

After switching sides, Heroic was looking like a completely different team. Heroic put forth an excellent performance, displaying great teamwork and convincingly winning successive rounds. To put a stop to Heroic players, Xy9ex stepped forward and clutched a crucial round for his team in a 3v1 situation.

Soon after, Heroic kept closing the gap and balanced the round score by 13-13, courtesy of a triple kill by TeSeS. Afterward, both teams managed to keep winning rounds, and what looked like a victory for Heroic, Astralis made a comeback in the final round and tied the game, resulting in overtime.


Astralis played the first round of overtime splendidly by planting the bomb just a few seconds before the timeout and defending it successfully to follow after. Heroic put up a fight by winning round, but Astralis was looking like a much better team at that point. Astralis positioned themselves perfectly and made perfect use of grenades, denying the chances of Heroic players to land a decent shot.

Astralis came out on top in 2v2 situations in what proved to be the final round of the game and won map 1 with a score of 19-16 in their favor.

Game 2: Map Inferno

Game 2 was the complete opposite of the first game. This time around, Heroic dominated the first half of the match by outclassing the Astralis players on several occasions. Heroic used utilities to the best of their abilities and gained round victories. Even though Heroic players did not make any significant mistakes, JUGi from Astralis stepped up big time and made sure to keep his team in the game. Despite only winning five rounds in the first half, he got 16 crucial kills that paid off big time after switching between both sides.

Following the example of JUGi, other members of Astralis displayed exceptional shooting skills and teamwork and made a comeback possible. The game-changing moment for Astralis was the quad kill coming from the gun of device. Magisk also played exceptionally and led his team throughout the game.

Both teams put forth excellent performance and skills until the very last round. Heroic made a desperate attempt to push together, but the combo of Smoke and grenade by Astralis was more than enough to stop their advances. In response, it was just easy shots for Xy9ex as he got himself a triple kill in the final round and won the game for his team with a narrow margin of 16-14. Astralis dramatically won this fantastic series with a 2-0 score.

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