BOOM v Geek Fam – SEA Grand Final – BTS Pro Series 2 Dota 2

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Game 1: Great Comeback by Geek Fam

The stable and lockdown potential of Geek Fam heroes favoured them heavily in the early phase of the game. Geek Fam played brilliantly and performed smartly in the laning stage of the game. It also helped Geek Fam to make crucial rotations across the map. Multiple successive smoke ganks favoured the lineup of Geek Fam all the while diminishing the farming opportunities of BOOM lineup.

However, BOOM had enough potential to claim the Roshan kill around 20 minutes into the game. Although Geek Fam was unable to stop BOOM from claiming Aegis, players responded brilliantly by taking a great team fight under the maid lane tier one tower. It benefited the Geek Fam massively by getting multiple kills alongside burning the Aegis.

From the point onwards, the momentum of the game started to shift towards the Geek Fam. It proved hard for BOOM to kill the robust cores of Geek Fam. Geek Fam claimed the second Roshan kill and took great team fights, resulting in crucial kills on the core heroes of BOOM.

During the bottom lane high ground push, BOOM played poorly by taking a fight after the failed initiation by the Pangolier. Geek Fam scattered the heroes of BOOM, making it hard for them to focus on a single target. In result, BOOM lost all its heroes which lead them to surrender in the first game of the series.

Game 2: Convincing Performance by Geek Fam

The second game of the series was looking much better for BOOM, judging by the solid start during the early stages of the game. BOOM made multiple vital rotations across the map, resulting in a crucial kill on the heroes of Geek Fam. However, BOOM lineup started to lack the necessary damage to kill the Geek Fam heroes as the game progressed. Multiple failed kill attempts led Geek Fam to turn around and get kills on the BOOM heroes.

The mid lane team fight proved to be a disaster for the side of BOOM as they not only lost multiple heroes but also giving away kills to the core heroes of Geek Fam. Afterwards, Geek Fam played as a team altogether and made multiple gank attempts across the map. Geek Fam took control of the top jungle of BOOM and took numerous fights. BOOM responded poorly and lost on every single occasion.

After gaining the significant lead, Geek Fam grabbed the Aegis and went for the bottom high ground push. BOOM was unable to do anything against the heroes of Geek Fam yet again and lost the barracks along with game two altogether.

Game 3: The Champions

Both teams focused heavily on the massive team fight potential heroes. The game was complete back forth in the early and middle stages of the game. Both sides took crucial team fights with their strong team fight abilities. The game was looking even until the Geek Fam claimed the Aegis. BOOM made a solid attempt to stop Geek Fam but was unable to do so.

Afterwards, the core heroes of Geek Fam also hit the BKB timings, proving to an annoyance for the BOOM lineup. The second Roshan attempt got denied by the brilliant play by the Geek Fam, but it was not enough to hold back the Geek Fam heroes. Despite killing two heroes of Geek Fam and expending buybacks, BOOM was unable to hold back the cores of Geek Fam and lost their heroes one after the other. Without any options remaining, BOOM tapped out from game three, resulting in a solid 3-0 victory by the Geek in the grand finals.

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