Dire Wolves vs Chiefs Esport Club

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Two giants of the League of Legends Oceanic Pro League (OPL), Chief Esports, and Dire Wolves will compete for supremacy on 17th July. The match will be held in the best-of-one format and will be held in the 7th week of OPL Split 2.

Dire Wolves
After claiming the silver medal in the OPL Split 1, the fans had high expectations for Dire Wolves ahead of the 2nd Split. Yet the side was unable to deliver in the first week, as they lost to Avant and Legacy Esports. Things didn’t go as planned for Dire in the next few weeks as they lost again to Legacy and also to their upcoming opponents, Chiefs Esports Clubs.

However, there are still some positives to pick. Since the teams have only conceded four defeats from the 12 games played and are currently sitting at 2nd spot on the table.

In the past week, the Wolves picked up wins against Gravitis and Pentanet.GG. The side was very convincing in both matches. In the match against Gravitis, they managed twenty-one kills and conceded only eight. They claimed one Baron and four drakes, and Gravitis were simply helpless as they didn’t get a single neutral objective. Dire carried this momentum to the match against Pentanet.gg who only had four kills to their name and two drakes. Meanwhile, Wolves rolled over them with one Baron, three drakes, and 16 kills.

It is great to see that Dire managed to gain some momentum after a terrible start to the season. They look at a very well-formulated roster that seems to show incredible statistics on all the major areas of the game, Vision control, aggressiveness, and farming. The best element of the team is its control over the game objectives, which is due to solid performances from the ADC Ha “Vital” In-Seong and mid-laner Ari “Shok” Greene-Young

Chiefs Esports Club

Competing against them on Thursday is Chiefs Esports Club, who are not in the best of state. Last week the side lost to MAMMOTH and ORDER which puts them in a tough spot in the fight for the playoffs. Shockingly, they have just seven wins from the twelve games played, and that puts plenty of doubts in their aspirations for the fifth OPL title.

Before the start of the OPL Season 2, Chiefs were labeled by many to be a solid rival to Legacy Esports. They had plenty of chances to catch up on the table after Legacy dropped games to Pentanet.gg, MAMMOTH, and ORDER. But they failed to utilize the opportunity and now might miss the playoffs.

Prediction: Dire Wolves 1-0 Chiefs Esports Club

All the statistics point out to the fact that Dire will get the win they need to keep the pressure on Legacy. Yet seeing the golden history between the two teams, it is no doubt that the game will be pretty close and the fans will enjoy it to the fullest.

Umer Nadeem
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