FaZe Clan v G2 Esports – Consolidation Final – ESL One Major: Road to Rio 2020

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ESL One Major 2020 is gradually coming to its conclusion, with only the best CSGO teams remaining to compete for the title. With only one step away, G2 Esports and FaZe Clan face off against each other to compete for the spot in the finals of the ESL One major. Both teams were successful in entertaining the fans across the globe by displaying exceptional CSGO gameplay.

Game 1: Map Dust 2 – FaZe Clan v G2 Esports

FaZe Clan started off the game one by winning the first round by just a few seconds remaining on the bomb going off. FaZe Clan members were looking strong as they were landing great shots on the G2 players. They were able to build up a decent lead until huNter- from G2 made an excellent comeback for his team by winning a crucial round in a 2v1 situation.

Both teams were performing well until the second half of the game where G2 Esports players started missing some shots, resulting in them losing some crucial rounds. FaZe Clan was successful in capitalizing on such blunders and made sure not to make costly mistakes.

FaZe Clan players were doing great by sticking to the game plan, but NiKo was the one who was piling up the kills. He displayed some exceptional skills on AWP and accumulated a total of 31 kills over G2 players at the end of the game. This outstanding performance resulted in FaZe Clan securing great victory in the first game of the series.

Game 2: Map Mirage

Round 1 of the second game was the most dramatic one. Coldzera from FaZe Clan denied the opportunity of G2 of diffusing the bomb by killing four members in the same round. Afterwards, both teams put forth excellent performance by not letting the other side secure a significant lead.

However, the second half of the game was not very welcoming for the FaZe Clan players. G2 players did a great job this around by shutting down NiKo and not letting him have a free reign over the game like the first game. The other players of FaZe Clan were also unable to perform due to the dominant collective performance put forth by nexa and huNter- from G2 Esports.

This time around, nexa earned a total of 31 totals and made sure to keep the hopes of his team alive in the tournament.

Game 3: Map Nuke

Both teams put forth an excellent performance on the Nuke map and avoided making unnecessary mistakes. Neither of the teams let the other get a head start and ended the first half of the game with 8-7 score.

However, the story after both sides switched was not much convincing for the players of FaZe Clan.

FaZe Clan players made several mistakes by getting caught out of position and missing crucial shots. Credits to G2 Esports players as they played remarkably despite losing the game 1. A dominant performance was put forth by JaCkz as he carried G2 by getting 27 kills and 17 kills, supported by 26 kills from nexa.

Making Nuke map their stronghold, G2 Esports not only won 2 games in a row but also secured a spot in the grand finals of the ESL One Major 2020.

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