Fnatic v Ninjas in Pyjamas – ESL One Major: Road to Rio 2020

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The European bracket of the ESL One CSGO Major 2020 is gradually coming to a close. The final game of the bracket got played among the Fnatic and Ninjas in Pyjamas squad. With expectations and high stakes, both teams needed to end their last match on a good note.

Game 1: Map Overpass

Since the beginning of the first round, there was a ton of solo action coming from Fnatic players. Fnatic flusha and Brollan displayed exceptional shooting skills by taking out three members of NiP in two successive rounds, respectively. This confident gameplay was essential to build up the morale of other players against a world-class team like NiP.

While it may be the shooting skills putting Fnatic ahead of the NiP, the game-changing factor between both teams was the extensive use of Smoke and grenades. Fnatic was able to successfully capitalize on every opportunity presented before them, putting them in a better spot in each round. Ultimately, Fnatic was able to secure the first game comprehensively with flusha leading the charge by getting 25 kills over the members of NiP.

Game 2: Map Mirage

After putting up an impressive performance in game 1, Fnatic looked like they will prove to be even tougher to deal with for NiP. However, NiP was just too strong for them to deal with on the CT side. NiP was able to build up a substantial lead in the first half of the game courtesy of Lekr0 and Plopski.

After switching sides, it was now a chance for Fnatic players to make an impressive comeback in which they were successful in able to do so. However, there were too many misplays, which resulted in them losing crucial rounds. With few rounds away from victory, an opportunity arose for Fnatic to make a comeback in the 2v1 situation. Fnatic flusha was up against two players, killing one player but unable to get the job done.

It was a decent fight put by Fnatic players, but NiP squad eventually came out on top, managing to keep themselves in the series and forcing a third game out of the Fnatic.

Game 3: Map Inferno

Game 3 started in a similar fashion for Fnatic as they were unable to put up a decent fight on the CT side. NiP players played impressively yet again with their crazy positioning and convincing teamwork. They were always ready for the Fnatic to make the first move and shut them down altogether.

Getting left behind in the game, Fnatic was able to put up a convincing fight after switching the sides. However, it was clear as a day, which was a better team among both parties. NiP was always ready and understood the game better, which worked wonders in their favor.

A decent fight was put up by Brollan and jW on the side of Fnatic, but the convincing 26 kills by NiP REZ just proved to be the MVP performance that cultivated the 2-1 victory for his team in this fantastic series.

What do you think was the most satisfying solo performance from this epic series? Please share your thoughts with us.

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