Newbee v Sparking Arrow Gaming – Dota 2 Professional League

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The bottom two teams of the China Dota2 Professional League will face off against each other on 16th May. The match will be played in the best-of-three format and in this article we will see which side has better chances of winning, since this game can make or break their season.


We are heading to Week 7 and Newbee is yet to win a single series. The poor performances of the team sits them at last place in the standings and almost guarantees them getting relegated to the second division. The only positives from their recent matches is the fact that they managed to win a map from Royal Never Give Up and CDEC Gaming.

The struggles of the Chinese side continue in the DPL-CDA Professional League Season 1. Since they lost to CDEC, Keen Gaming, ViCi Gaming, and Sparking Arrow. Yet they finally managed to win on 12th May where against all the odds they beat Invictus Gaming 2-0. This shocking defeat came after a brilliant performance from Yin “Aq” Ru and Wen “Wizard” Lipeng. The duo was simply unstoppable as it got 22 kills to just 5 deaths in the entire series.

Sparking Arrow Gaming

Despite the victory against IG, SAG will be quite confident to beat Newbee in the upcoming game, since they defeated them on 11th May in the DPL-CDA Pro League. However, we are still expecting a strong matchup from Newbee and this time the series will be much evenly contested.

In their last meeting Newbee was out playing Sparking Arrow in the early stages of game one but failed to capitalize on the advantage to win. SAG used this opportunity to demolish their opponents in the late game. In the second game of the series, Newbee learned from its mistakes and dominated the game from start to finish to tie the series 1-1. Things got out of hand for Wizard and co. in the last game as the SAG ended the series with 42.5k net worth advantage

SAG has managed to win five of its last ten games, but you should know that the majority of these wins come from the Development League. Their record in the Dota 2 Pro League is just as depressing as Newbee’s since they have won only one game since the start of the season.

Prediction: Newbee 2-1 Sparking Arrow Gaming

On paper Sparking Arrow is a much better team than Newbee. However, as we previously mentioned, the majority of their recent wins were in the Development League which is flooded with tier-two and tier-three teams. SAG also beat Newbee less than four days ago.

Yet we are still giving the edge to Newbee in the upcoming game. Since the team has managed to beat IG less than 48 hours ago and also managed to take a map from Spark. The could have won the series if it weren’t for their questionable picks in the third game. We are hopeful to see Newbee get a much needed win on the weekend.

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