Ninjas in Pyjamas v Astralis – Incredible Game! – ESL One Major: Road to Rio 2020

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The ESL One: Road to Rio 2020 Event is progressing smoothly so far despite the current challenges with coronavirus affecting Esports practices. The most recent competitive game played amongst the two European heavyweights; Astralis versus Ninjas in Pyjamas. Supporters across the world could experience exciting CSGO matches from both parties.

Game 1: Map Vertigo

Astralis started the first game in a dominating fashion as they excellently played the starting rounds. Unfortunately, they were unable to keep the lead going as the team Ninjas in Pyjamas caught up to them in no time.

The momentum shifted in the worst possible manner for the Astralis players. NiP won consecutive eleven rounds in a row that completely broke apart the defenses of Astralis. Although it seemed like the game was going to end any time soon, Astralis was able to put up a decent fight.

Despite the potential comeback, it was just too late for Astralis to stop the aggressive demeanor of NiP players. It was a result of collective team play and synergy that NiP was able to come out on top despite falling behind in the beginning.

NiP secured the game one by the score of 16-12 and got a head start of 1-0 in the three-match series.

Game 2: Map Nuke

Similar to game 1, Astralis was able to gain an early rounds advantage but failed to capitalize into building a more significant lead. NiP players caught up in no time and put the Astralis on the backfoot.

The complete back and forth trading of the victories resulted in putting immense pressure on both teams. Although the game was pretty much even throughout but this time around, Astralis had the nerves of steel and came out on top.

Astralis Magisk and device displayed excellent performance and kept the hopes of their team alive in the series. The team Astralis was able to even out the series 1-1, forcing a third game out of the NiP boys.

Game 3: Map Inferno

Game 3 was a solid proof of why Astralis is among the top team CSGO teams in the world. The deciding match started evenly as both sides put an impressive fight into not giving any opening to either party.

Although Astralis was ahead, NiP shifted the momentum by consistently winning six rounds. But it did not last long enough as Astralis players had an answer to every tactic after the sides switched in the second half of the game.

Astralis Magisk and device led the charge once again by displaying a dominant performance. Their collective 46 kills proved to be a game-changer. NiP Plopski and nawwk put up an impressive fight, but it was just too much for them to handle alone in the end.

After falling short in the first half, Astralis made an outstanding comeback by not only winning ten successive rounds but also winning the game three altogether. The series closed in favour of Astralis by 2-1 after an excellent display of CSGO gameplay and skills.

Which player was able to make the most impact for their team in this series? Please share your thoughts with us.

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