OG v Alliance – AMD SAPPHIRE OGA Dota PIT Dota 2

Game 1: Solid Teamwork by OG

OG aggressively started the series by making full of the pushing potential of Leshrac. Despite giving away some kills, OG continued to pressure the heroes of Alliance into a corner. OG made full use of their pushing and healing potential and took down the bottom barracks of Alliance in just 23 minutes. In response, Alliance chased down the OG heroes as they were backing off, and grabbed crucial three kills in their favor.

Afterward, Alliance defended their mid barracks yet again and killed multiple OG heroes in response. However, the main concern for Alliance was the lack of damage. The mid team fight during 28 minutes into the game made the issue clear for them. The BKB durations made them survive the Black Hole and kill Enigma, but OG completely turned the outcome of team fight in their favor by kiting the BKB duration and killing all the core heroes of Alliance in response.

The final comeback opportunity presented for Alliance in the form of Roshan kill. OG was close to killing Roshan, but Alliance pushed them back and claimed the aegis. However, it did not bear any fruit as OG players survived the team fight long enough to make a comeback. In an attempt to back off, OG caught the Alliance cores inside the Black Hole and killed the entire team one by one.

OG sensed the opportunity and went straight for the throne. Without any buyback on Slark, there was no one to hold back the OG heroes, and they took the throne with relative ease and convincingly won the game 1.

Game 2: Dominating Performance by OG

Game 2 was looking decent for both teams because of the core heroes getting crucial early game kills. The first significant team fight of the match went heavily in favor of OG after killing three heroes of the Alliance lineup. However, Alliance made a convincing comeback shortly after by denying the massive kill streak of core Riki.

Although OG was slightly ahead in the game with the laning phase going in their favor, the late-game lineup of Alliance was not something to take lightly. When Magnus got his hands on the Blink Dagger, OG sensed the opportunity to take a team fight and take as much advantage as possible. During the 19 minutes into the game, Riki presented himself, which lined up the Alliance heroes for the game-changing RP of Magnus. Catching three heroes in the RP, OG shifted the tides of the game entirely in their favor.

Afterward, the lineup of Alliance started to crumble as they consistently started losing crucial team fights. Moreover, the BKB timings made it even harder for the Alliance lineup to deal with any damage to the OG heroes.

The final team fight of the game was a complete outplay by OG. Grimstroke caught both of the core heroes of Alliance in his ultimate, followed by a double roar from Beastmaster. Magnus followed with a great RP, which resulted in both cores dead on the side of Alliance. With this performance, OG closed the game and won the series 2-0 in their favor.

What was the game-changing moment for this great series? Please share it with us.

Arqam Cheema
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