OG v B8 – Beyond Epic Dota 2

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Game 1: Exceptional Display of Skills by Both Teams

The laning phase in the first game was full of action and combat. Both teams pressured the off lanes of respective teams. B8 had a slight edge on mid in the early game which put them slightly ahead of OG in the game. The safe lane of OG went splendidly, which helped them not only escalate the farming rate but also pressure the towers of B8 in the early and middle phase of the game.

Despite the slight gold lead, OG was able to get ahead of B8 by getting crucial pickoffs on its core heroes. B8 was unable to control the swift farming potential of Luna, which affected them greatly on every single occasion of the game. On the other hand, the brilliance of OG proved more than enough to shut down the safe lane Void Spirit of B8.

However, the only thing that OG lacked compared to the B8 was the solid stun initiation. B8 took some great team fights with the help of Centaur’s multiple blinks stuns. It proved more than enough to start the fights by getting at least one or two quick kills on OG heroes. But OG responded brilliantly on every single occasion by not letting the B8 heroes gain free reign across the fights. OG played well by prioritizing and focusing on one hero at a time. The positionings by both teams made it hard for either side to dominate the fights completely.

After the constant back and forth struggles by both teams, OG initiated a crucial team fight around the top jungle of B8. However, despite losing a couple of heroes, B8 responded brilliantly by scattering the heroes of OG and picking them off one after the other, resulting in a full team wipe. Despite losing the fight, OG came back much stronger and put the B8 on backfoot yet again by killing their two core heroes. It led to OG claim the Aegis and went for the potential high ground push.

OG played fearlessly by holding their ground and kept hitting the buildings. B8 was successful in burning the Aegis, but OG proved much more potent as a unit and responded much better to the efforts of B8. The positioning and stability of OG heroes proved to be a solid wall that B8 heroes were unable to breakthrough. After losing the core heroes, B8 tapped out, resulting in a victory by OG in the first game of series.

Game 2: Comprehensive Victory by OG

The draft of OG proved to be the game-changer in the second game of the series. The laning phase went swimmingly for the side of OG. The safe lane Lycan had a solid start which proved fatal for the lineup of B8. OG had no trouble whatsoever in running down even the core heroes of B8 in the early game.

The only decent opportunity for B8 to comeback in the game came in the form of denying the Roshan attempt of OG. Although B8 claimed the Aegis for themselves, it amounted to almost nothing as OG was much stronger compared to the heroes of B8. The fast-paced gameplay by OG left the B8 speechless and unable to put up a decent fight. OG hunted down the B8 heroes near their fountain. The dominating performance by OG made B8 left with no other option but to call GG, resulting in a 2-0 victory by OG in the series.

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