OG v FlyToMoon – AMD SAPPHIRE OGA Dota PIT Dota 2

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Game 1: Great Teamwork by FlyToMoon

The first game of the series was a disaster for the core heroes of OG. The aggressive lineup of FlyToMoon made it hard for the late game lineup of OG to withstand the heat. QOP played exceptionally well by rotating and getting crucial kills around the map. Despite the decent lockdown heroes, OG was unable to fully implement their plans, which created a lot of space for Lifestealer of FlyToMoon.

Regardless, OG took some important team fights but did not get too much out of it as they would lose their core heroes in the process. The first crucial team fight mattered the most for FlyToMoon in which OG killed the Lifestealer but lost three heroes in the process.

Naga Siren had a rough game till the very round because of the remarkable team play by Clockwerk and QOP. Both of them consistently pressured Naga Siren and killed her at regular intervals, making it hard for her to get farm on the map. In the meantime, Lifestealer kept farming and had a free game.

After being behind in the game by more than 20k gold, OG made one last attempt to defend, but FlyToMoon proved too strong for them and got completely wiped out. FlyToMoon forced OG to call GG and grabbed their first victory in the series.

Game 2: Promising Comeback by OG

The opening of game 2 was a dramatic one, with both teams engaging in a 4v4 situation before the rune spawn. OG heroes came out on top by killing three heroes of FlyToMoon and not losing a single hero in the process. Luna got herself two kills, which greatly benefitted her in getting a head start in the early game.

This time around, OG answered the QOP pick of FlyToMoon with Invoker and shut her down from making any big plays in the early game. With the Beastmaster and Chen lineup, OG rushed for an early game victory and made full use of Luna’s fast pushing potential.

After acquiring a heft lead, OG went for the high ground push and got the middle barracks in just 23 minutes into the game. As OG was about to back off, without many options left, FlyToMoon chased after them, which did not work out in their favor. OG denied their opportunity to come back entirely by killing all five members of FlyToMoon, resulting in them tapping out.

Game 3: Convincing Decision-making by OG

For the third time in a row, FlyToMoon went for QOP pick but got countered yet again by DK pick of OG. With mid lane going well of OG players, they capitalized on the opportunity and played aggressively by taking early team fights and towers.

Even though OG was ahead in the game, FlyToMoon gradually caught up to them by getting decent pick-off and winning crucial team fights. However, the decisive moment of the game was around the time OG went for the Roshan kill. OG managed to kill QOP before making the decision, which put FlyToMoon in a tight spot to buy back into the game.

After a few minutes, FlyToMoon attempted to gank the OG heroes but got caught in the process due to observer wards. OG prioritized killing QOP because of not having buyback on her. OG went for the high ground push, and with heroes lacking, FlyToMoon was unable to stop their advances and died one by one.

Afterward, FlyToMoon took the team fight to stop the Roshan attempt, but OG played exceptionally by prioritizing the QOP and winning the team fight convincingly. The same scenario repeated, and FlyToMoon just called GG, resulting in OG winning the series 2-1 in their favor.

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