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Game 1: Convincing Performance by Both Teams

NiP started the first game with a solid performance on the laning phase. The Brood pick comprehensively won the mid lane, and the safe lane Brewmaster also did a fantastic job in denying maximum farm opportunities for the core Luna of OG. Despite that, OG made a decent comeback by claiming the Roshan kill and taking a team fight in the mid lane.

In the beginning, OG fought very well by killing three heroes of NiP in succession by landing great RP and other spells, but Brewmaster made a turn around by cleaning up the low HP heroes of OG afterward. However, Luna made a successful TP with little to none HP left, which proved fatal for NiP.

Later on, OG won a great fight by landing RP on two heroes of NiP and killing the third hero in succession. NiP also took a great fight later on and picked off both core heroes of OG. Although, the game was pretty much even but NiP missed out their chance to counter, which resulted in OG claiming Aegis once again. But OG was unable to gain anything from it, as NiP heroes held their ground and killed the four heroes of OG.

However, the problem was for NiP was that the cores were unable to kill the heroes of OG during their short BKB durations. On the other side, OG stood their ground and picked off the NiP heroes one by one. With the lack of heroes on the NiP side, OG kept pushing and eventually took down the throne of NiP and grabbed their first victory in the series.

Game 2: Total Domination by NiP

NiP stuck with their Brood pick in the second game and put forth an even better performance than game 1. Slark pick on the OG side had a terrible game, which made it even harder for OG to fight. Moreover, Slark got doomed on multiple occasions, which resulted in NiP winning crucial team fights.

The Roshan fight proved fatal for OG as they failed to stop the NiP heroes and lost multiple heroes in the process. NiP kept coming strong and overwhelmed the OG lineup on numerous occasions. With more than 20k gold lead in just 22 minutes, OG had no choice left but to call GG and play the third game.

Game 3: Excellent Team Play by OG

Aside from mid lane, the laning phase went wrong for the side of NiP. Regardless, NiP put forth an excellent performance and picked off crucial kills in their favor on multiple occasions. But the cores of OG were way too strong with decent lockdown and catch potential. LC played well by targeting the DP of NiP side first and not let her run wild in the team fights.

The decisive moment of the game was the Roshan attempt by the NiP side. OG did not hesitate as BKBs were available on all their core heroes. Faceless Void initiated the team fight by landing a great Chrono, which earned crucial kills on NiP cores and also Aegis in the process.

Shortly after, OG went for the high ground, and yet again, a great Chrono caught multiple heroes of NiP, which resulted in them losing multiple sets of barracks. Shortly after, NiP made the mistake of taking a fight outside their base, which resulted in them losing heroes one by one. With no hope in sight, OG closed the game 3 in their favor and won the series 2-1.

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