Rogue Warriors vs eStar – LPL 2020 Summer

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eStar will compete for supremacy against Rogue Warriors on 22nd July. The match will be held in the best-of-thee format and will be the first time that the two teams will meet each other this season.

Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors had a nightmare of a start to its LPL Summer campaign with defeats to ViCi Gaming, EDward Gaming, Oh My God, JD Gaming, Team WE, Suning, Invictus Gaming and Top Esports. This meant that they were winless in the first eight meetings, with just three map wins from nineteen games.

The side led by Kim “HooN” Nam-hoon is finding failure in the early stages of the game. There is no doubt that Rogue Warriors are playing hard and in an aggressive fashion. But, they have failed to find a single series win as they just can’t find seal wins.

The fate of the side has changed recently with some wins on the board. Last weekend the side won 2-1 against Dominus Esports and also sealed dominant wins against FunPlus Phoenix and LGD Gaming.

Rogue Warriors arrive in Week 8 with new names in the roster, but we believe that it is quite late for them to get wins. If they aim to qualify for the playoffs then they will have to win all of their upcoming games. It is no doubt that it will be one of the most interesting stories of the season. But the probability of this happening is quite slim.

Nonetheless, Rogue should be proud of its solid performance against FunPlus Phoenix. Despite the game was pretty even, the team with an 8-game losing streak defeated the current world champions. They did so with 10 towers to four, +18 kill difference, and +10k gold lead.

“Holder” Jae-Cheol, the top laner of the team had a great series with nine eliminations, thirteen assist, and seven kills. This feat is incredible as he faced off against Kim “Khan” Dong-ha one of the best players in the world. The same appreciation is for the mid-laner Wang “Wuming” Xin who managed zero deaths, kills, and fifteen assists.

Despite this solid win-streak, Rogue still comes into this game as the underdogs in this clash against eStar. The side led by Zhang “Wink” Rui might be more consistent than Rogue but their statistics are quite similar to their opponents.

Estar is likely to miss the playoffs as they hold a 3-8 record. In the past couple of weeks, they have lost to Invictus Gaming and Suning. But, managed to sneak a win against Oh My God, which is the only victory of the team in a month. Over the entire season, eStar has managed to beat OMG, Dominus, and LNG Esports. This is not something to be proud of since these are the weakest teams in the league.

Prediction: Rogue Warriors 2-0 eStar

Yes! We believe that Rogue holds all the capabilities to thump eStar 2-0 and possibly build on the Cinderella story of getting into the playoffs.

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