Rogue Warriors vs ViCi Gaming – LPL 2020 Summer Split


Rogue Warriors will be aiming to get their first win of the Summer Split on 7th July when they go up against ViCi Gaming. The match will be held in the Week 6 of League of Legends Pro League (LPL) 2020 Summer.

Rogue Warriors

Things are looking quite bleak for Rogue Warriors since the side have managed to claim only 2-map wins out of the sixteen played. They lost to EDward Gaming, Oh My God, JD Gaming, Team WE, Suning, Invictus Gaming and Top Esports.

It is quite likely that the side will not be making to the playoffs this season since they are winless in the seven games played. Since mathematically, if a team losses more than eight matches it doesn’t stand any chance to compete in the postseason.

Despite these series of poor statistics, we have still managed to draw some positive aspects from Rogue performances this season. We believe that the side lacks experience and quality, and have no proper strategy for winning games.

The best performer on the team is the mid laner, Lee “Ruby” Sol-min who holds around 77% KPAR and over 2.5 KDA. His damage output in teamfights is 30.6% but even with these decent stats he sits at the bottom ranks in his respective role.

ViCi Gaming

After a rocky start to the Summer Split, ViCi Gaming finally climbed out of the depths after wins against eStar and LNG Esports. These were not the cleanest wins since both of the series were pushed to the third game yet it finally got them back on the right track.

In the six games played in the league, VICi has so far gotten three wins against eStar, LNG and Bilibili and losing to Victory Fiver, Team WE and ROyal Never Give Up. The team should be calm since these three losses are against the strongest teams in the league.

Analysing the most recent results of ViCi, we can see that it was pretty close in the first map of the series against eStar. But they were pretty dominant in the next two games as they won with 13k and 12 k gold leads respectively.

Da “Cube” Yi, the top laner of the team was key to ViCi’s win in that series, as he managed an impressive 10 KDA. Meanwhile ADC of the side, Hu “iBoy” Xian-Zhao also managed to showcase his skills with a 9.1 KDA. If these two and the rest of the teams remains consistent, then there is no doubt that ViCi is well on its way to the playoffs.

Prediction: ViCi Gaming 2-0 Rogue Warriors

ViCi Gaming have had their troubles, but we believe that the side has what it takes to get a perfect 2-0 result against one of the most struggling teams this season. This will be a highly entertaining series and should produce a confident win for ViCi, getting them one step closer to the postseason knockout stage where they can hope to get a spot for the League of Legends World Championships. 


Umer Nadeem
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