Royal Never Give Up v Team WE – LPL 2020 Summer Split


Team WE and Royal Never Give Up will compete for supremacy in the Week 5 of the League of Legends Pro League (LPL) 2020 Summer Split. This will be the first match between the two teams in three months and it will be played in the best-of-three format. In this article we work out the winner between the two.

Royal Never Give Up

The Chinese side have had their fair share of ups and downs in the first four weeks of the Summer Season. After dominating wins against ViCi Gaming and Oh My God, they unexpectedly lost to LNG Esports, but got back to their winning ways after beating JD Gaming, the reigning LPL Champions. In the previous week RNG had a 1-1 record with wins against eStar Gaming and losing to Victory Five.

We are well aware of the fact that RNG ended the contract with its former star ADC, Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao before the start of the season. However this shouldn’t have a big impact on the team since in the last season Uzi sat on the bench and his spot was taken by Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung. Betty has made a decent start to the summer campaign but he might need time to fill the shoes of one of the best players in the league.

The main reason behind these series of questionable results, is that the RNG roster currently lacks stability. They have nine players on their team which is of great advantage when looking at the depth of the team. However RNG are still struggling to find the perfect combination that can pave the way for a solid title winning campaign. We hope that the side finds its way in the upcoming game against Team WE.

Team WE

Team We arrive in the game with four wins from the six games played in the LPL Summer 2020. The side lost to FunPlus Phoenix and Suning yet it managed to beat Rogue Warriors, ViCi Gaming, EDward Gaming and Invictus Gaming.

They have the same record as RNG yet looking at their performances, we can confidently say that they have a much stable team. WE’s defeat to Suning might raise some eyebrows, but it should also be acknowledged that this is the same team that beat Invictus Gaming and also took down the reigning world champions, FPX.

Prediction: Team WE 2-1 Royal Never Give Up

Some critics believe that RNG is on the same level as Team WE just by looking at the table, which is a wrong assessment. Since it is true tht RNG has a very high-quality roster, but this team is yet to show its worth in the League and we believe that it will continue to struggle against WE.

The last victory of Team WE against Royal Never Give Up was back in LPL 2017 Spring finals, but it is no denying that the team is performing incredibly at the moment and this might be the perfect time to get redemption.

Umer Nadeem
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