Sparking Arrow Gaming v EHOME.Immortal – Dota 2 Development League Season 3

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The number one team of China Dota2 Development League Season 3, Sparking Arrow Gaming will take on EHOME.Immortal on May 12th, 2020. The match will be played in the best-of-three format and this article will give a comprehensive look if EHOME.Immortal has what it takes to beat Sparking in this highly anticipated matchup.

Sparking Arrow Gaming

Sparking has had a phenomenal start to the season as the team kicked off its campaign with six consecutive wins. The side simply dominated the likes of KG.Luminous, Ocean, Aster.Aries,  IG Vitality, and Typhoon E-Sports and it only dropped its first map last week in a 2-1 victory over StarLucK.Fly.

Even though Sparking dropped the first game of the series against Star.Luck, the team bounced back strong, with 46-17 and 22-9 score in the following maps. It seemed like SAG got complacent in the first game, but the side led by Ou “Op” Peng got back to its winning ways with 26k and 13k gold leads.

SAG is also participating in another tournament, the Dota2 Professional League Season 2, where they are finding wins hard to come by. Since in the DPL the competition is much more superior as it includes the likes of Keen Gaming, EHOME, Invictus Gaming, and PSG.LGD. You should know that SAG has failed to beat all of the mentioned teams and their only win in the tournaments is against Aster in Week 5.


The Chinese side comes into this game as the dark horse, but it doesn’t mean that they are a poor side. The team has managed to qualify for the playoffs of the Dota 2 Development League S3. They did so in style with five wins and two defeats from the seven games played.

In late April EHOME.Immortal also competed in the Vulcan Champion League where they managed to secure a fourth-place finish. They did have their fair share of troubles in the group stage as they managed to win one of the five matches played. Yet against the odds, the team beat You Know Who and Blaze in the playoffs, but with were helpless against Ocean in the semifinals

After their somewhat disappointing endeavors in the Vulcan Championship, the side played a few games in the Dota2 Secondary Professional League 2020 and it was just a nightmare. The team played three games and only managed to win a single map, which ultimately led to them getting eliminated from the tournament.

Prediction: Sparking Arrow Gaming 2-1 EHOME.Immortal

EHOME.Immortal is quite a talented team and holds the potential to create some of the best pro players in the future. However, at the time of this writing, they lack the experience to make themselves heard in the Dota 2 competitive landscape.

Meanwhile, SAG cannot be regarded as a top team in the Chinese eSports. Yet, they are simple miles ahead of their opponents in the Development League. They are the gatekeepers to top-tier Dota since if any team fails to keep up with Sparking Arrow doesn’t stand a chance against the big guns.

The two teams are a class apart and thus we give the edge to SAG for a seventh consecutive victory.

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