Suning vs Royal Never Give Up – LPL 2020 Summer

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Suning’s five-game will be on the line on 16th July, as the team will take on Royal Never Give Up. The match will be held in the best-of-three format, in the seventh week of League of Legends Pro League (LPL) 2020 Summer.


Everyone is well aware of the fact that Victory Five is the most improved team of the season. But no one can deny how much Suning has improved in the Split. The side finished at 11th spot in the Spring Season with just seven wins from the sixteen games. Now they have achieved this feat with only 10 games played.

Sunning arrive in this game with seven wins from the ten games played. Now they are well on their way to the playoffs with realistic chances of sneaking into the playoff spots. They will be facing FunPlus Phoenix, ViCi Gaming, Oh My God, Top Esports, and Victory in the coming weeks. So this upcoming meeting against Royal will have significant importance.

Suning’s performance this season has been rock solid. At the 15 minute mark, their gold and CS differential statistics are positive (+428, +19.5) which indicates that the team tries to stay ahead of its opponents in the early game.

Moreover, Suning is showing no evident weaknesses. Almost all the members of the team are playing consistently, and every KDA between the five is over 3.9. The only player that is raising concerns is the top laner Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin. He has a 2.7 KDA average that surely needs to improve if Sunning is aiming to fight for the playoff spot.

Royal Never Give Up

Competing against Sunning on Thursday is the Royal Never Give Up, with only five wins from nine games played in the Split. They beat EDward, eStar, JD Gaming, ViCi Gaming, and Oh My God but lost to FunPlus Phoenix, Team We, Victory Five, and LNG Esports.

This record is not so phenomenal, especially when looking at the feat achieved by their upcoming opponents. However, aside from the shocking defeat to LNG, it should be acknowledged that RNG went down to the strongest teams in the league.

RNG also holds a very respectable CS and gold differential statistic (+14.1) and (+256) at the 15-minute mark. Another stat that is common between the two teams is, the top layer of the RNG Tian “New” Zhi-Peng also holds less than 2.8 KDA average.

The best performer for RNG is unarguably, their ADC Chen “GALA” Wei, who was signed 45 days ago. In that time, he has managed to establish an impressive 81 % KPAR and 6.1 KDA. His damage output in team fights is around 33% and also farms more than 25% of the team’s gold share.

Prediction Suning 2-1 Royal Never Give Up

It will be an exciting game between the two teams as both sides are hungry for a win. But we believe that Suning edges out as the better team and will prove their worth against RNG. The side will be reluctant to secure that quarterfinal spot.

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