Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Latest Esports News

The world of esports is constantly changing. But we are committed to bringing you all the latest industry news. Whether it is info on your favorite players and teams or relevant information about the industry’s top games, we report what you need to hear the most. When there is talk about ways to improve the games we already love, we’ll bring it to you.

Skill-Based Matchmaking In Esports Titles

One of the most important aspects of esports games is skill-based matchmaking. It is something that those in the industry are pushing to advance. Skill-based matchmaking involves grouping players into teams based on their skill level in a particular game. Without using this method, experienced players would be pitted against those who are just starting out or still learning the craft, giving the experienced players an unfair advantage.

In the case of games like Apex Legends, skill-based matchmaking is crucial to keeping new players in the game. The idea is that if new players come in and have a negative experience it makes it less likely that they will play the game again.

Thanks to effective matchmaking, that has not been the case overall for Apex Legends. Since the game was launched it has attracted a steady stream of players, and in fact, has a higher player count and retention than any other new esports games. It also holds the record for most hours played. The recently released season five of the game is already more successful than any other season of the game has been. Plans are already in the works for season six, with an aim of telling more stories than they have in past seasons. It will expand on the story based mode of season five. Apex Legends is one of the first to add storytelling to a multiplayer game. Our site will keep you updated on whether or not games similar to Apex Legends will adopt this idea for themselves.

Esports In School

While esports are mainly a pastime you’d pursue at home, high schools and colleges are taking steps to acquire esports leagues and teams of their own. This is likely because high school and college students seem to be the main demographic for esports.

Columbia, Maryland’s Howard Community College is set to get its own esports team this fall. This gives non-traditional athletes a chance to participate in their own extra curricular activity.

The Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools (TAPP) is also rolling out an esports program for students. It will be implemented in schools that aren’t in a position to create an esports platform of their own. Students will be able to register as players while adults at these schools can register to be coaches.

With enough schools participating, they will be able to build districts and even hold championships for the fall and spring semesters. Even with only a few schools, esports competitions will be held between them. Each school would be able to form their own team and play Smite, League of Legends, or Rocket League.Competitions would be set up so that teas could choose to play in one or all of the games.

Esports is so big in Texas that there are Dallas franchises for Call of Duty, and Overwatch, both of which include league play. Two of the industry’s largest companies, Complexity, and Envy Gamings, are also located in Texas.

For many of the students participating in esports at these schools, it is more than just a hobby. Over 40% of them have expressed their desire to use their newly found esports skills when applying to colleges.

G2 Esports Backs Valorant

With the rising popularity of Valorant, G2 Esports, one of the biggest in the industry, has taken a liking to and interest in it. So much so that the company’s CEO revealed that his company has made a large investment in the game. They see it as the future of esports and it was expressed that they hope their investment in the game encourages other esports companies to help strengthen the industry even more.

The company is building a Valorant team with one of the tops players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Coming off the athlete’s recent Twitch Rivals victory, G2 Sports believes he is the key to creating an unstoppable team. They have so much invested in Valorant that they are serving as the host of its next tournament. The company is convinced that Valorant is a rising star in the industry and will soon be as popular as staples such as League of Legends.

This is just the kind of news that we are committed to bringing you. We keep you in the loop no matter what happens in the industry.

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