Apex Legends – Season 5 will have quests and other events


In Mid-April EA announced that “quests” will arrive in the fifth season of Apex. But they did not fully disclose how they would work. On May 9th EA revealed new details, with the launch of a new gameplay trailer for season 5 and, more importantly, some insight about the first quest, which includes the search for a mysterious artifact called The Broken Ghost.

Players in duos, trios, and qualifying matches will be able to search for Treasure Packs across the map. It is a new lootable item in the game with which you get your hands on a decent range of items ranging from Apex packs and crafting material, to BattlePass XP. There are over 40 Treasure Packs that players can collect in season 5, but only one can be claimed per day, so make sure to share them with your party members.

Weekly hunts

This is where things get interesting. They are fast and dangerous encounters on the King’s Canyon map at night, which can be played in squads as well as solo. The players will have to make their way to a destination, pick up the items they are looking for and then take it to the point extraction. The Broken Ghost quest will be an exciting chapter in the story of Loba Andrade’s mission to seek revenge against Revenant, the android assassin who killed her father.

What to expect from Loba?

Loba’s skills have not yet been detailed. However, on the official Apex Legends website, Respawn describes the legend as “Elegant, sophisticated and ingenious, and whatever Loba wants, she takes it. Good luck trying to stop her”. Therefore, her passive, tactical, and ultimate abilities may have something to do with finding and/or stealing items, which would likely be a powerful addition to a battle royale game.

In the new trailer, we see her using a device to teleport quickly (previously speculated with the leaks), as well as Wraith. For now, these are just rumors, because, again, there is no official announcement about what her skills are.

Possible weapon changes coming to Apex Legends

Aside from the details of new events and Legends, McLeod, Apex Legends’ leading game designer, gave fans a deep and insightful look at how the team is trying to bring new changes and keep the game fair for all skill levels. He says that the developers react to what the community is saying about a particular weapon and decide to buff or nerf it.

He noted that many players watch professionals play, to get information about which weapons, items, and characters to play with. This usually means that things can become obsolete fast, with only a few weapons and characters being used in higher skill matches. This is becoming a problem, and the developers are trying to prevent this from happening in season 5.

McLeod also explained that while Apex fans are likely to enjoy seeing a more predictable set of recoil patterns, the team is unlikely to remove any randomness from the weapon’s recoil, because it is part of a shooting game.

All players will receive the much-awaited chapter when season 5 begins on 12th May. The first hunts will be launched on May 19.

Umer Nadeem
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