Valiant Stars Banned From The Game Due To Cheating

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Two emerging stars “phox” and “weak” are banned from Valorant indefinitely. The duo, who displayed impressive performance in the Echo 8 team, confirmed the punishment via Twitter on 21st July. Riot Games is yet to comment officially on the offense committed by the players. But the duo were confirmed to be cheats after being confronted by a game developer. In this article we will have a comprehensive look on the controversy. 

Don’t cheat next time

Weak announced on 20th July via Twitter that he would take a break from the competitive, without giving details about the decision. Phox did the same on 21st, highlighting in a published text his fight against depression. However, the developer of Valorant’s anti-cheat responded to the tweet accusing him of cheating: “If you come back, please don’t cheat next time”.

After the developer disclosed that the player was cheating, Phox still tried to stick to his argument. But after some time, he published another message in which he admitted that he cheated. In the text he also talked about cheating allegations, which he was proven guilty of in other titles like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) . Phox also said that only he and Weak were using the illegal programs.

Echo 8 will not be banned 

The two players competed for Echo 8, considered one of the best amateur teams of Valorant in North America. They were preparing for the PAX Arena, a tournament that takes place this week and is valid for the Ignition Series, the official event of Valorant. Since the other players are not suspected of the crime, Echo 8 is all set to compete in the competition that will have US $ 25 thousand in prize money.

Riot’s fight against cheaters in Valorant dates back to the beta, when more than 10,000 accounts were banned for cheating. In early July, 3,700 accounts were banned for the same reason – using a cheat that, it is worth noting, costs over US $ 100. Also in early July, Valorant began to notify players that if they encountered a cheater they should report them in the game.

New skins to arrive in Valorant

Valorant will receive a new line of skins by the name of Elder Flame in the next few weeks. The skins will focus on dragons and visuals should receive new sound effects and animations, such as when finishing an enemy or reloading. In the teaser revealed by Riot Games, it is possible to notice a huge fire dragon spitting flames at the opposing player, in addition to the reddish coloring of the armaments and the coating of the weapons, which is composed of the scales of the animal.

According to Joe Lee, Valorant’s revenue leader, the visuals will follow the game’s weapon pricing pattern. Each weapon has its value based on its rarity. Therefore, Elder Flame skins will cost 2475 VP a unit and 9900 VP a set.

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