Arctic Fortune


You’ll want to wrap up warm and get a fire going for this one, as you’ll be taking a trip through snowy wastelands and chilly caves in search of some great treasure; also there are Vikings. You can’t say no to Vikings. Arctic Fortune is a 5 reel slot that has over 1,000 different ways to win! With those chances you’d be foolish not to give it a try.

Plunder Everything

This game takes its imagery from Viking mythology, as well as the cold nature that the Vikings lived in altogether. You’ll find snow wolves, frozen-over treasure chests, Viking longboats, horns of wine and three vicious looking Viking warriors. There are also wild symbols and scatter symbols which will make the game a lot easier to win.

There aren’t any pay-lines in Arctic Fortune; instead you just need to have matching symbols appear from left to right on reels that are next to each other. Get three or more and you’ll see the rewards straight away. You can choose to change how much you’re betting overall, but no matter what you’ll still have 1,024 different possible ways of winning!

When three or more scatter symbols appear, you’ll be taken to the Viking bonus round. You’ll be in a cave surrounded by large spiders (ewww) and you have to shoot them down to get to the treasure. Shooting the blue spiders will reward you with free spins, whilst shooting the red ones will increase your multiplier you receive during the free spins.

Once all the spiders are taken care of, the big boss spider will appear, shoot him in the head to receive coins that will be added to your overall bonus winnings. Once he’s been killed, you’ll return to the game and receive your free spins, bonus winnings and multiplier.

It’s A Good Day To Pillage

The symbol that has the ‘Arctic Fortune’ logo on it is the wild symbol; this will increase your chances of winning by mimicking any surrounding symbols, and can imitate more than one different symbol at any time.

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