Ghost Rider


I hope you’ve led a clean life and repented all of your sins, because here comes trouble of biblical proportions. Ghost Rider is a 5 reel, 20 pay-line slot game that is based on the popular comic series of the same name (don’t worry; you won’t see Nicholas Cage or anything else from that dreadful Ghost Rider film). Help the infamous Ghost Rider fight off the evil satanic horde and bring balance and order back to the planet, you’ll also get some wins while you’re at it!

Flaming Fury

If you’re familiar with Marvel comics, or just the story of Ghost Rider, then you’ll easily recognise most of the symbols used in this slot game. You’ll find the traditional poker symbols ranging from 9 to Ace, as well as regular characters from the series including Johnny Blaze – The Ghost Rider, Mephisto – the satanic figure, bloody scrolls and books of demons. There are also several versions of the Ghost Rider in action that perform as the wild and bonus symbols.

Winning is easy in the Ghost rider slot game; all you need to do is get three or more matching symbols on a single pay-line and you’ll see the rewards immediately. With both the Johnny Blaze and Mephisto symbol, you only to get two or more identical symbols for a win. The more matching symbols you get on the same pay-line will increase your win dramatically, and you can receive more than one win with every spin.

There are two bonus rounds available in the Ghost Rider slot game. The first is activated when all the reels are on fire. To set the reels on fire, all you need to do is get the biking Ghost Rider symbol on the middle of each reel. The reels will stay active until all of them are on fire, which is when you’ll be sent to the ghost hunt round. You have 10 shots to shoot down ghosts with, and each ghost will give you a bonus multiplier and large wins!

The second activates when you get three or more Ghost Rider symbols appear anywhere on the reels. This will reward you with 10 free spins and a x3 multiplier. If you get more than three of these scatter symbols, you’ll be rewarded with a larger initial win.

Like a Bat Out Of Hell

The other Ghost Rider symbol is the wild, which will mimic any other symbol on the reels (except for the scatter and bonus symbols). This will allow you to get even larger wins even when not all the symbols you need appear. Wild symbols can mimic more than one symbol at a time.

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