Sakura Fortune


Sakura Fortune is a slot machine game based on the story of a beautiful heroine’s journey to riches, which is paved with evil emperors that she must defeat. Its oriental theme is one that players all over the world enjoy.


When players load the game they will see a bright blue sky and trees with beautiful cherry blossoms. Front and center is the red princess, the main character of the game.

Game Symbols

The red princess represents the game’s wild symbol, which appears during regular gameplay and bonus features. However, she does not appear on the reels as often as the game’s other symbols do. When she does end up on the reels she is worth a significant amount of money as part of a winning combination of symbols.

Bonus Features/Games

When players get at least three of the scatter symbol on the reels at once, as long as the symbols run from left to right, they get free spins. While the free spins are being played when the red princess lands on the reels she becomes an expanding wild and remains that way until the free spins are completed. For every red princess symbol that land on the reels players get one additional free spin.

If two stacks of the wild symbol appear on the reels it triggers free respins. As long as wilds keep landing on the reels the free respins keep happening. Also, if at least two wild symbol stacks are on the reels they might become nudged into an additional full stack.

One unique bonus feature of this game is the Achievements Engine. This is a new feature built into certain slot machine games that tasks players with completing certain objectives throughout the games in order to earn tokens they can later use to access this bonus feature again.


Though not the most high profile online slot machine game ever Sakura Fortune is loved for its bonus features, and the addition of the Achievements Engine. This makes it a more interactive experience for younger players who grew up on video games.

At most casinos this game can be played for free or for real money. There isn’t much to learn in terms of gameplay, so getting a feel for Sakura Fortune is something that shouldn’t take long. That being said, many players will bet their own money on the game right away.

The free spins and re-spins make playing this game for real money worth it to most. Players try this game in anticipation of getting as many free spins and respin as possible. This is the most popular feature of the game and has helped its worldwide appeal.

The calming view of the cherry blossoms falling off the trees during gameplay makes this one of the most relaxing, tranquil slot machines ever. They are as beautiful to look at as the red princess and add just as much to the appeal of the game.

Sakura Fortune Slot Screenshots

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