The Dark Knight


The Batman trilogy is over now, but I think that a lot of people will agree that the films found their way into people’s hearts when ‘The Dark Knight’ was released. Well now you don’t have to just watch the films, you can also play the slot game. The Dark Knight slot game includes all of the memorable characters from the films, as well as several symbols which could mean big wins for you.

Let’s Put A Smile On That Face

You’ll recognise all of the symbols from the film ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’, including Commissioner Gordon, Bruce Wayne, The Joker and, of course, Batman himself. You’ll also find the more traditional symbols from older slot game including 10 through to Ace, but make sure you’re on the lookout for the Batman sign, because that’s where the big money lies.

Winning in The Dark Knight is quite simple on the outside, you have pay-lines, and you want three or more matching symbols to align themselves next to each other on these pay-lines. There are over 240 pay-lines (yes, you heard me right, 240) and 5 reels to win from in this slot, and you’ll have more chances of winning if you’re using more pay-lines.

There are two kinds of bonuses in The Dark Knight slot from Microgaming. The first will occur when there are three Batman Signs across any of the reels, regardless whether they’re on the same pay-line or not. This will trigger a bonus where you’re giving a large sum of cash immediately. The second happens when three Joker/Batman symbols appear; this will take you to a ‘Wheel of Fortune’ screen where your chances of winning are greatly improved.

So, as I said earlier, the game may seem simple enough, but it holds a depth of complexities which make the game fun to play and an experience you will witness nowhere else. Just set the lines, decide how much you want to bet, and then spin away.

Why So Serious?

Sit back, relax and enjoy yourself, you’ll get all the fun and thrills that kept you entertained in Gotham City with Batman right here. Not only that, but you’ll also get huge pay-outs and exclusive bonuses thanks to the Dark Knight himself.

The Dark Knight Slot Screenshots

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