G2 Esports


Esports personalities Jens Hilgers and Carlos Rodriguez joined forces to form G2 Esports in 2014. Hilgers came on as an experienced investor while Rodriguez was known for his League of Legends skills. G2 Esports is now considered among the top five clubs in the industry.

Under the G2 umbrella there are teams active in Valorant, League of Legends, CS:GO, Rocket League, Fortnite, FIFA, Rainbow Six Siege, and NASCAR Racing.

Though they started out with League of Legends, by 2018 they had acquired the team they needed to enter Rainbow Six Siege tournaments. These two games have dominated G2 Esports and help put them on the map.

In the meantime, in 2016 they signed Richard Papillon, who plays under the name Shox. With a win rate of 59%, he has done a lot for the organization. His history making performance in CS:GO makes him one of the game’s most popular players of all time. He was even awarded best player in the game three times; in 2008 and 2009, as well as again in 2011. Their success would continue from 2016 to 2020 as they kept winning championships every year.


G2 has jumped into competing in Valorant. Their goal is to further the organization to the point where it will make a huge impact on esports and help shape the future of it. G2 has embraced Valorant because they believe it has the power to become as big as League of Legends already is. They plan to heavily invest in Valorant and believe it will pay off for them in the future. The recent Valorant Invitational was co hosted by G2 Esports and Red Bull.

You can watch the G2 feed on Twitch to see them compete in games of both Valorant and CS:GO.

Commercial Success

Since G2 is such a high profile organization in esports it was able to raise money from tech moguls and investors to the tune of $17.3 million. They raised the money in order to be able to expand into the global organization they are now. In turn, they have invested some of that money back into their own operations.

This led to their recognition by Forbes Magazine. They are now considered one of the esports companies worth the most. By the end of 2018, G2 had even been made a League of Legends European Championship partner, permanently. Their fan base has grown rapidly and is now considered among the biggest in the Western hemisphere.

G2 Shop

If you’ve been paying attention to the esports scene, you already know that G2 is known as much for its merchandise as for its teams of players. When you’re looking for a comfortable gaming chair, G2 endorses the brand Secretlab. Their chairs have already been used by some of G2’s top players to get in practice time for CS:GO and League of Legends. Their players swear by these gaming chairs and are behind the production of future models.

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